Frank Ocean Announces Channel Orange Album & Tour (Video)

blame it on Illy June 8, 2012

Frank Ocean unveils the title to his forthcoming album, Channel Orange, in a teaser clip directed by Nabil Elderkin slated to be released on July 17 via Def Jam Records. UPDATE: Frankie has just annonuced the Channel Orange tour to coincide with the release of his brand new album. Tour dates after the jump.

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  • Fred Cliston


  • Duwhut

    Oh yes, that beat is awesome too. I can imagine this album will be a very different R&B affair

  • hh_addict

    can’t wait !

  • Car fetish

  • cem

    hopefully channel ORANGE is the title of the album

  • jamie

    dope dope dope

  • dboss

    Wooooo please be a full length project!



  • 2dope4nope

    Dope and “THIS IS FRANKS DEBUT ALBUM!!!!!!! EVERYBODY GO BUY 10 OF EM!!!!!!!!” yeah I’ll just BUY one the nigga ain’t paying any of my bills!

  • west side

    whoever said no is probably an old hip hop head,that likes pusha t and shit. this is amazing.

  • saviswag

    Best songwriter of my generation. Love Frank Ocean

  • KIM

    Damn hop OFF his dick ! @saviswag Best songwriter of our generation really?? kill yoself…i like F.O too but The Dream is the best songwriter


    DREAM? the fuck? That Hamburglar lookin ass? Get the fuck outta here!

  • Lotlan

    I like some of the The Dream’s older tracks, but his all around writing style is basic as FUCK when compared to Frank Ocean’s (or Ne-yo for that matter) lyrics. He’s good for a quick radio song, but that’s as far as it goes. There’s no real depth to his lyrics, nor his vocal abilities.

  • TTT

    lol hamburglar, didnt weeknd say that!?


    @WEST SIDE What does the way he look have any thing to do with his music you sound like a fag

    @Lotlan quick radio song really?? you obviously havent heard his albums…. 1 + 1, Fancy, Wake me when its over Etc… all songs with depth, Frank Ocean my nigga but

    The Dream >>>>>

  • Truth

    Everyone of The Dreams albums sound alike. Everyone of his songs sound alike. His range is very limited.There’s no real depth to his lyrics, nor his vocal abilities. He can write hit records for everyone but himself. He threatened to retire and not one single soul gave a fuck. He killed the lil career he once had now he’s trying to bounce back but its too late.

  • Truth

    Oh yea! i 4 got to say i love sucking dick

  • HeartLesx

    Frank Ocean is one of my favorite artists right now but i think the reason yall dick riding him so hard b/c he new……you cant be serious and say Frank better then Dream… The Dream got endless hits under his belt #RealTalk


    YALL NIGGAS DICK RIDIN Frank a lil to hard LMAO! he good but he aint fucking with (Ne-yo,Dream and RKelly)

  • SFnative

    Frank Ocean isn’t a better singer than The Dream, but.. He is one of the best song writers ever. . in any genre.

  • lol


    nigga the dream cant fucking sing fuck outta here.

  • Lotlan

    Actually I’m a huge fan of his first 2 albums. Those were great albums (with the exception of a few cheesy tracks here and there), but I still stand by my opinion. I’m not hating at all but I’m grown, so I don’t wanna hear simple shit like “she’s so cold, im so hot” or “L to the O V to the E” like step it up. The only recent song of his that I dig is “Pieces”, that didn’t disappoint. His beat selection is great (most of the time), but for some reason his lyrics end up being simple as hell nowadays. I understand that you want your songs to be radio hits, but if joints like No Church In The Wild can get spins daily, that’s proof enough that lyrics don’t have to be dumbed down in order to make that happen.