Mod Sun - Happy As F*ck f. Pat Brown (Video)

The hip hop hippie drops off some visuals to the Cisco Adler-produced record that describes dude's whole outlook on life to a T. Smile folks, it's Friday.

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  • thewatcher

    dear hologram shake,

    you suck at structuring sentences... I've noticed it for a long time.. You should at least get your AA before you ride shakes coat tails to the grave.

  • Trina Terry

    So sick. Mod Sun does not disappoint! Happy as FUUUUUUUUCK

  • didnt know this was english class. thanks for the grammar check.

  • Silver Surfer

    Really though? Fucking really though? You know what...I quit.

  • thewatcher

    @hologram shake, obviously this isnt an english class... which is why i recommend you take one! your'e not learning here! from now on if i see anymore run on sentences from you filled with double negatives, im going amtrak on yo ass.

  • asdf


  • Mez

    Does this guy have fans?

  • der

    i love some white boy rappers since they actaully have intelligence. but this was stupid


RetcH - "Nickel Bag$"

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Locksmith - "Grime" (Video)

The Bay Area lyricist hits the streets of NYC.

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