• http://www.akellolight.com Akello Light

    I am very surprise you would post something like this.
    Great job.

  • PG!

    I fucks with Georgia, but what she talkin bout!!!!!!

  • SupremeSoulstice

    she cool.. this fam foreal forreal.. if you cant recognize ketchup mustard

  • Badger

    I thought you guys didn't post Odd Future! That was clearly Left Brain in a wig.

  • Craig

    Wow I am a huge fan of GAM and SomeOthaShip Connect but how is she gonna talk about homosexual behavior being a call for help? Gonna have to think sit on this because I would never think of a woman has knowledgeable and spiritual to have a piss-poor view of other HUMANS.

  • Cmon Son

    @Craig You clearly have a pre-existing sensitivity to the issue (risky on my part assumption --> you are not heterosexual) so you failed to remotely comprehend what she was saying. At NO point did she indicate homosexuality was wrong or that it wasn't genuine or to be appreciated as much as any love between two people. She was obviously speaking on the "fad" of the younger generation and the hipster mentality of the experimentally gay or risque gay that is penetrating the youth. Even authentically gay individuals can see the phenomena as being true and the dangers of it / responsibility in it that we as adults / parents / and mentors need to take in it. It can be likened just the same to drug use as well as other forms of "fringe" behavior that kids and specifically teenagers tend to display.