Scoe (aka Roscoe) – The Recipe Freestyle

blame it on hologram shake June 9, 2012

Just as my man Beware stated over at TSS, I’ve always been a fan of Roscoe when he’s on that laid back smooth sh!t. And with Kendrick Lamar’s latest single as the backdrop, we get just that on his latest freeverse. Tha Influence is on the way and you can expect production from Just Blaze, Hi-Tek, Jake One, Nottz, BINK! and guest features from Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Kurupt, Devin the Dude, Slim the Mobster and more.

DOWNLOAD: Scoe – The Recipe Freestyle
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  • Peter

    hologram shake > ghost of shake

  • la2DaBay


  • samJack187

    ol chedder bob ass nigga got da gun pointed at his self

    If you’re gonna be stupid, be all the way stupid!
    Put it to your head, pull the trigger!

  • King G.

    It’s my hand holding that gat. Yall show see the next picture.

  • mazar

    Queensbridge’s finest, Nas recently sat down with Mina SayWhat from Power 99 to discuss details about his newest album

  • Jay

    Scary ass photo.

  • Kuruption

    Next gen…Kurupt’s little bro is ripping it.

  • suicidalassnigga

    suicidal ass nigga

  • Rah’Rizza, Rahney Rahn, Ranger!

    I absolutely HATE that pic but his music is Bangin…Looooong overdue!! HE IS SOOOOOO FOOOINE!!!! Sexy azz Scoe!!!

  • Rah’Rizza, Rahney Rahn, Ranger!

    AYE! Can i git cho Numba????