Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me f. Big Sean

blame it on Illy June 11, 2012

Second single off the Biebs’ upcoming LP, Believe, out June 19.

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  • NiggaWhat

    shake kill yoself.

  • JWill

    Not goin’ to front. JBiebz on this particular track kills it. Ya’ll can try and be close minded if you want but this sounds good. He’s filling in that void that J.Timberlake normally fills.

  • Silver Surfer

    So this isn’t an Hip-Hop site?

  • JustAnOpinion

    It’s on here cuz of Big Sean…
    I honestly don’t mind Beibz now that he’s off that “Baby” shit, I think everyone else needs to move on with their opinions too.

  • YUMad

    @Justanopinion son not a single fuck was given that you think other people should move with THEIR OPINIONS. I dont fux with beibz at all. Period. Track is actually decent but not my cup of tea. You niggas can hug beibz nuts all you want. Timberlake & Timberland >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Chicago

    Getting really tired of the various “They said the sky’s the limit but-” lines by everyone….

  • wow


  • RSX

    He’s holding a guitar on a track that uses absolutely ZERO guitar….

  • Nasty Nate

    Billions of kids were just introduced to Big Sean, which hopefully leads them to Kanye, then to Jay-Z, then Biggie, Pimp C, Nas, etc, etc. This does no harm to hip-hop.

  • Know how I know 2DBZ fell off?

  • nothing is rhetorical to me

    No turbo city, how do you know?

  • KIM

    Justin Bieber >>>>>YALL PUNK ASS Lifes

    moral of the story is stop #HATING

  • JAyP

    this is gonna be a hit for Justin I can see it now! Actually a good track I cant hate

    & LMAO @RSX

  • Ducey

    Big Sean is going to eat good off this. Superstar status. Big time hit record on the way.

  • B*tch Sean ruined this song. I would’ve rather hear a JB rap verse instead of that weak verse.

  • smoke

    i think most of these “bieber haters” need to take xanax. honestly it could have been miguel with the same song lyrics or Mayer Hawthorne or Mike Posner (prob wrote this) or the Dream, and you would say it is the shit. shitting on Bieber is no longer cool anymore. there is so many more pressing things to dislike and hate so much in the world right now, to despise bieber so much is just too idiotic.

  • who cares

    Stop posting this faggots music on here


    @whocares he’s smashing more pussy than you ever will son.

  • Bieber on 2DopeBoyz? I quit this site.

  • iLL

    Fake A$$ Elvis .. LoL

  • JaySole

    This is going to be a BIG Hit. Great for Big Sean

  • haha

    pisses me off this shit is kinda dope.

  • koi

    so much good music on this site that you bitch niggas dont comment on, but when one song is posted that you dont approve of you have the nerve to comaplain about it all day. yall are fucking leahing. then you wonder why rappers go pop and say fuck you niggas. you’d rather hate on the next nigga than support your own. no one care what you non-music buying bitch ass niggas think. 2db saw your hate the last few times they posted jb and they still do so because you nigga aint influencing shit. you just add to the post count and you’ll be back tomorrow to do it again.

  • Basser

    @koi co fucking sign. i was gunna say the same. Yall bitch to much

  • GR

    Probably worst Big Sean verse ever. Most likely.

    The hook on the song kills though.

  • goodmusicisajoke

    good music is a joke

  • yeah you

    @Koi I hope you’re a pre-teen girl with that moist ass rant, cuz if not, you’re a 100% grade A, dick-riding bitch.

  • TruSwag

    @yeah you

    A hundred NlGGERS deserve to get lynched for what you said.

  • james

    but what about b rollie?

  • JXN

    “pisses me off this shit is kinda dope.”
    haha said this on June 11th, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    couldn’t have said it better myself. I might actually end up with more than one Bieber song on my iPod (the Boyfriend mix was decent because of Asher). This distresses me.

  • yeah you

    @TruFag I’ll take “Things a coward types in comment sections while living in his mothers basement” for 200.

  • factormax

    my only question is who the fuck listens to big sean? not little kids and beliebers. not really bitches. not rap people. idk man, i just wonder how he keeps getting on all these big name records.

    although finally famous vol 3 with drama is actually pretty sick.

  • Velimir

    As crazy as it is, I’m hitting the nope button, just because of Big Sean! I think Bieber’s got a dope single on his hands.

  • 3much4thesehoes

    hit fursure. Like it.

  • too fucking dope. JB the new JT. Watch JB takeover, you lame niggas don’t know music!

  • DopeHouse shits on Kreayshawn but post Bieber shit….