J Dilla – DILLATROIT f. Supa Emcee, Nick Speed & Guilty Simpson (Video)

blame it on Illy June 11, 2012

Off the late J Dilla’s upcoming Rebirth of Detroit LP, out tomorrow.

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  • G $

    Hmmm…I don’t know the details of this DILLA project, but I can tell you that this is NOT an “original” (I.e. unused) beat…COPYWRITE used it on a track from his “The Jerk V.0” mixtape. COPYWRITE’s>>>this one.

  • Mr. Wow

    Don’t like this. To be honest, niggas like Dilla for his beats not because he is from the D. I think Cali had more influence on Dilla beats in his last years anyways. Am I the only one that heard a different Dilla after he worked with Madlib?

  • Silence

    Its good to hear Guilty Simpson over Dilla again..


    [email protected] .. i honestly thought DONUTS was a MADLIB project at 1st.. but when u listen to later work from Dilla after Champion Sound came out,some of it MITE HAVE been MADLIB influenced but it still had that DILLA vibe to it where you can identify that its him.. Dilla’s earlier work was more dusty also so it was kinda like he made a full 360

  • @Chris Butta & @Mr. Wow
    They say if you pay attention to both of their catalogues, you will notice a point in time in which their influence on each other effected their work.