Heat vs Thunder (Game 1)

blame it on Shake June 12, 2012

David Stern’s match made in heaven are getting ready to square off in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Y’all know the drill… who y’all got? Let the debate and discussion during the game begin.

  • me high on a bongo

    ^^^ WTF???

    What the fuck do you mean you nigga? Is you on court throwing down jumpers too? smh – it’s okay to be a fan, it’s another thing to live in the illusion that you actually have anything to do with niggas winning the game… LOL, we, you getting a ring is like saying that by voting for Obama you get to be president…

  • me high on a bongo

    ^^ I meant: What the fuck do mean WE nigga?

  • Sp


  • Go OKC!

    1 game down… 3 more to go! Thunder Up!

  • me high on a bongo

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, go ahead be happy for a minute and act like you did something more than press a button on a remote to make it happen…

  • me high on a bongo

    Also, stop dick riding Durant, let’s see what happens when the series goes back to Miami, it’s easy to win at home, let’s see what they do on the road…

  • James Hard-On

    ^^^You niggaz wasn’t in the gym shooting jumpers with me!!^^^

  • Tom. H

    Stop riding the OKC bandwagon, ain’t none of you real fans. People hate Lebron for going to Miami, but you can love a team that was straight up stolen? All you so called OKC fans were probably so called Laker fans back in December too. That shit’s messed up. smh.

  • me high on a bongo

    @James Hard-On

    I try to play ball before nine o’clock in the pm and definitely not during the late hours, you see I privilege the late hours of the day for the girls, why play ball when you can get your pair licked clean, if you know what I mean… plus it’s always good to get head while watching a good game…

  • $$$

    Hey Tom. What’s wrong with liking a team after they’re brought to your hometown? Grow up.

  • $$$

    Also, NBA fans are the worst fans of any sport. They always have an excuse for anything. Where’s Iverson’s ring? Where’s Melo’s ring? These are some peoples’ favorite players of all time; I didn’t know a ring defined a good basketball player, Smh.

  • Yoo

    You guys should post euro 2012 games as well. Germany vs holland can’t fucking wait

  • Omar

    OKC deserved a team, but they didn’t deserve the Sonics.


  • ###


    A ring doesn’t define a good basketball player, or a popular one. A ring defines a champion, and a ring defines a legend.

  • me high on a bongo

    The Sonics suck, they’re only winning because they’re in OKC now, if they were in Seattle the team would be too depressed to even win a jump ball…

    Also, who gives a shit about soccer? This is America! Go walk around with your European tutu while swinging your purse in some gaywad Berlin alley…

  • me high on a bongo

    @ ###, a ring defines nothing, Patrick Ewing never had a ring and he’s still one of the greats…


    This comment section is straight up pathetic smh

  • $$$

    Thank you, Mr. High on a Bongo. I’m not going to remember certain players over others because of a fucking ring.

  • Tom H.


    You clearly didn’t read my comment. I may be from WA and grew up watching the Sonics, but I wasn’t dissing OKC fans that are from OKC or the surrounding area but nearly 90% of the people you hear claiming OKC as their “team” when it wasn’t their team 6 months ago and then give Lebron shit for doing what he did.

    Lets not forget though, OKC have only started acting like the Thunder have been theirs since you all started winning but you all should move on because we did, we’ve been trying to ourselves a new team if you haven’t noticed.

  • $$$

    Read your comment again. It wasn’t clear, sir.. but I do apologize.

  • Rings mean a lot, but they aren’t everything. If so that would mean Mark Rypien> Dan Marino, Mike Penberthy> Karl Malone, Judd Buechler > Charles Barkley and etc etc and so forth.

  • @Me High on A Bongo Stick…

    Durant is the one who tweets about missing Seattle. If they stayed in Seattle the front office would have broken this terrific group of players up before they ever got to this point, word to Hyphen.

  • L blow job

    @me high on a bongo…We already know what the thunder can do on the road.. what happen to the spurs? even pop said..championship teams win on the road and that’s what the thunder did dumbass

  • me high on a bongo

    @ L blow job

    So you’re saying that based on the fact they beat a team of old guys who barely had the legs to keep up with them during the second half that we can assume that they will definitely beat Miami at home? hahahahahahahahah, alright maybe Miami doesn’t have the depth that the Thunder have, but you can’t discount a team who crushed Boston the way they did in game six like that, oh, and that game was also ON THE ROAD – dipshit…

    I hate it when bumass niggas use other games against other teams in other series to compare what’s gonna happen in the current one… let the big boys play the game and just keep on jerking your remote because that’s what you’re good at…

  • #OKC #SeattleSonics

  • Above else “Im from DC”-Durant

    “And he couldn’t bye a ring….” NBA JAM Voice