Knocka – Keeping It Real (Words to A$AP Rocky) (Video)

blame it on Shake June 12, 2012

Knocka puts some visuals to his recent track regarding his issues with his child hood friend A$AP Rocky.

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  • boner

    Fuck A$AP and errybody that love em… and fuck this nigga too for biting on another nigga’s success


    “the image he BETRAYED to be” ahahahahahahahahahaha

    our nation’s public schooling system gets a huge fail for that one

  • I agree This was a good song though.

  • Cage

    ^^^ Haha @ NAACP… That beat was tough and sun roasted him though

  • genesis

    NAACP + Don Demarco you are both very misinformed.
    he BETRAYED the image that he (apparently) falsely portrayed.

  • bigErn

    Ummm…floyd mayweather’s unclaimed son??

  • Brodie

    MURDERED it.

    Other than the obvious word fuck up.

  • Pesky

    Hahahaha look at his girly looking wig roflmao

  • jundamane24

    this nigga just mad A$AP blew up without him, straight hatin’ ass nigga. Dope song though

  • ai215

    no genesis. betrayed to be is just incorrect usage of the word. its okay though, you’ll learn that when you pass 5th grade

  • okayyy

    Yea and the image he portrayed to be would mean roughly the same thing as “betrayed to be” except one is a real saying and the other one is something that Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys would say.

  • GVA

    Let’s be real, I fucks with ASAP, but if one of my homeboys got on before me and then turned his back on me, after how HARD we work to get to that position, then I’d be pissed, too.

  • IcebergSlim

    Rocky could have a good reason for not foolin wit dude anymore. And the ONLY reason he gettin attention right now is off Rocky’s success. I would leave a lame like that alone too.

  • Chopz

    I guess homie couldn’t handle the hate and deleted all the comments from his video.

  • MusicHead

    Russell Westbrook rap now b?