Mod Sun – Stop What You’re Doing Right Now And Smile

blame it on Shake June 12, 2012

In celebration of his Happy As Fuck EP hitting iTunes tomorrow, the hip hop hippie drops off one last record. Also, be sure to catch dude on the Vans Warped Tour.

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  • stoppingNsmiling


  • ME

    but…why? how could you do this to me 2DBZ? did you hear this…

  • $$$

    Shout out and props to Mod Sun’s fans……

  • jkell6969

    friend base

  • Proud. Good vibes, man!

  • LikeDissss

    Soooo good! A radio hit for sure! Mod takes it to the next level with this one!

  • ted

    only listened to this song like 4 times, already one of the best songs iv heard in a long while. friend base for life #newhippys

  • Nice DUDE!!! Im sure im not alone when I say we all love your music, and we look forward to each of your new brilliant songs to be posted!! Thanks for the music man! Definitely keep up the good work!

  • Sophia

    See, this is the kind of music that is going to take over the world.
    And for once, I feel good about it.
    Mod Sun is such an inspirational dude. What a good guy. He’s saved me in sooo many ways. Keep up the good shit, Mod. You deserve everything good(:
    THIS puts me in a good mood, and makes me happy as fuck.<3

  • Mod Sun is a real dude and his music reflects it!
    It’s all about making a change and being different. The world is not about money or fame and Mod Sun will always be there to remind us! No fans, just friends!

  • Johanna

    Love this SO HARD. Mod Sun thank you for sharing your positive music and good vibes with the world. I am so glad I found your music, because it makes me love life even more and it brings me up whenever I´m down. It ALWAYS works too! I have been making myself a happier person for a good while now and it feels like discovering Mod Sun was a big and beautiful step within that same development. :D This song has to be listened to by everyone in this world. <3

  • Z

    They just threw this idiot on the ab-soul / skoolboy q bill for this week in Minneapolis. I now he’s from here but WE don’t like em’!!!! Sorry..

  • lebrons hairline

    this nigga is the fuckin goat best belive he is the fuckin truth stay swaggin on these lame lets go modd sunnnnnnnnn

  • Slayer

    Ughhh Schoolboy did a song with him and shouts him out all the time Z – so check your shit. And thats the reason hes on that show. Just cuz u don’t like him, doesnt mean shit.

  • Kings

    Hmmm for Minnesota “not liking him” he just sold out Aqua on a Wednesday night like two weeks ago….