The Alchemist – Flight Confirmation f. Danny Brown & ScHoolboy Q

blame it on Illy June 12, 2012

Off ALC’s Russian Roulette out July 17.

  • Shy

    Here we gooooooooo!
    ALC >

  • DBS

    ALC on that next level shit.

  • III

    I guess I’m the only one who can’t stand Danny Brown…he’s raw lyrically, but his voice/delivery drives me insane.

  • MoneyBagz

    @III…like a way more annoying Freeway

  • Chris Brown’s Lambo

    Oh my goodness too dope

    Danny Brown is the good kind of different

  • Um?

    Beat is a weak version of Lord Jamar & RZA – Deep Space

  • Blacka

    It takes a while to get used to danny voice/delivery listen to XXX or before that…

  • The F

    Danny Brown, one of the absolute worst in the game today. He may rank below Lil Wayne on the hip hop scale. Looks like that guy from the “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” YouTube video.

  • The Truth

    Danny Brown, easily one of the best in the game today.

  • gavin

    YES! LOVING the Danny Brown hate in the c-section. thats how you know he’s doing something right.

  • Shinjuku


    Nope, me too. Can’t get past the voice, and yes, stans, I’ve listened to both Black and Brown and XXX. I could deal with him looking and acting like he’s constantly trying to one-up Tyler the Creator on the weird scale, but when I have to start turning off good Alchemist beats…

  • anthony

    I’m on Anything Danny B. What a beast of a man. Rap nectar from the Gods. That’s you too Schoolboy Q.


    It might take a while to appreciate Danny Brown, but you generally don’t like him chances are you listen to hip hop for the beats. Detroit State of Mind 4 is fire. Hybrid is aight. XXX has alot to say. To say he’s the worst is ludicrous.

  • j

    I mean, i think we can all agree Danny’s voice on this track sounds pretty bad…maybe stans will disagree. But anyone saying Danny Brown is whack needs to listen to his verse on “Terrorist Threats” , or his song “Grown Up”. His voice is different, but distinct. The dude can spit. He’s funny too!

  • j

    BTW, the beat sucks! and dont get me started on SchoolBoy Q…

  • Both go hard but the beat could be better. It sounded chaotic.

  • yeah you

    “I’m on Anything Danny B. What a beast of a man. Rap nectar from the Gods. That’s you too Schoolboy Q.

    anthony said this on June 12th, 2012 at 3:48 pm”

    Whoa. That’s a special brand nuthuggery there.

  • that truth

    holy shit everything about this is garbage. big disappointment form alc and usual faggotry from the other 2

  • Fibonacci Sequence

    Alchemist is usually amazing, but this is just ok.
    Schoolboy Q is ok, but nothing special.
    Danny Brown is definitely special, just in all the worst ways.

  • PRalines

    trash. i literally can’t picture a single human being listening to this on the regular.

  • method961

    you guys need to get off your fucking high horse about danny brown.
    dude can spit, thats for sure, but he sounds so fucking annoying on all of his goddam features… of course he’s gonna get hate he sounds like a goddam 15 year old eminem.