Goodie Mob Performs “Fight To Win” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Video)

blame it on Illy June 13, 2012

Goodie Mob, alongside Cee-Lo Green, perform their latest comeback single “Fight To Win” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Listen to the studio version of the new single here.

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  • Shevchenko

    Goodie Mob featuring Cee-Lo Green?
    That’s some bullshit also, the song is wack

  • wackness

    Saw potholesinmyblog talk about the show and the writer said it was absolutely pathetic–watching it now I can confirm.

  • It is fucking bullshit how this song keeps being credited as “Goodie Mob featuring Cee-Lo Green” everywhere it is played or mentioned just to promote it “better”. CEE-LO IS IN FUCKING GOODIE MOB. I thought 2dopeboyz would at least be aware of that, but of course it’s the fucking ghost of shake (whatever that means) fucking it up, as usual. I’m surprised miss_peas wasn’t behind this. Please, Meka and Shake, I am begging you to get rid of these two awful writers that know nothing about hip hop. For the sake of the integrity of the site.

  • GODr.


  • fallin off

    Wow and Cee-Lo lip syncs, god damnit