• Chopz

    I like how the first track is titled "Realize Everyone Aint Loyal" and this nigga trippin off his exbff.

  • iblameyou

    Yesterday, when Knocka dropped off the visuals to his A$AP Rocky-related single, he also released his latest project. I somehow missed out on that part...

    probably because you're a dummy. The announcement that the mixtape was available now is part OF the visuals themselves. but then again, i guess you don't even bother to familiarize yourself with the content of the shit you post.

  • HAHA

    That last comment packed some heat. I agree man. You're posting shit you don' inform yourself with. To make matters worse you post Bieber's music instead of other artists like Fiasco and OF. Stop beefing and post music. If not then you cant bitch about others having irrational beefs (ie. drake v. common, pusha t v. lil wayne, breakfast club v. funkmaster flex etc.). Get ur effin act together bcus ur not the only blog nigga

  • K.

    go to the other blogs then bitch

  • fuckyouall

    Probably because bieber's music is better than OF's.. And thats not saying much because they both suck dick and make shitty ass music. At least Knocka can spit, he just doesn't know how to present himself; I.E. that dumbass artwork.. Shoulda named his tape black and yellow.