Ohene – The Unknown (Album)

blame it on Shake June 13, 2012

Don’t let the less-than-stellar artwork fool you, Ohene is a man of many talents. It just seems graphic design isn’t one of them. Anyways, musically dude is one of the best. And the proof is in the download link provided after the jump.

01 The Unknown Intro
02 Turn It Up
03 You Don’t Know Me
04 2pac is #DEAD
05 Savantism
06 Time’ll Tell
07 Smart People
08 Ohene Savant f. Sheda B
09 Choice
10 Purpose
11 We Will Not Be Moved
12 Unbeknown Outro

DOWNLOAD: Ohene – The Unknown (Album)

  • savantism2012

    Definitely download it!!!

  • ethnocentrix

    Don’t hesitate to get this!

  • KP

    An uncommon MC with uncommon skillz. DO NOT fail to get this album!!

  • E. Snipe

    Just when I thought that this dude’s music couldn’t get any Hotter , He drops The Unknown. I still can’t believe that he’s playing all of this music alone! The Unknown is a must have!

  • Yoooo! This album is bananas!!! This cat is so lyrical and the music ain’t to be played wit!

  • Black MC

    Finally, real Hip Hop…… This cat is “Sick quick get the Thera Flu!

  • Amazing!!! Ohene never disappoints! Cop this!

  • Sick Album! From intro to outro. Diversity in production styles, subject matter. Flawless.
    And the cover is cool. He’s posed in the shape of a question mark. I think that’s his only point.

  • 1nce again Ohene proves that he cannot b marginalized with a brand new opus – i love the theme 4 this album, “Smart People” & other standout songs have such powerful messages, a MUST 4 any true music fan … !!!

  • 2% Hip Bopper

    a Ohene Savant album on BSlade’s label … ? the greatest rapper & the greatest singer join 4ces … !!! O is unafraid 2 voice what artist who love their craft say n secret behind closed doors …

  • A rhythmic journey through some hard truths. This album gets us to bang our heads in car or dance alone in our homes, while catching a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror and examining our own preconceptions.

  • Lillian DeJesus

    I love it. It’s such a musically sound album. I just went from fan to Superfan!

  • ET

    Never disappointing, and it’s about time that more people are becoming familiar with the music of Ohene!!! He’s not just an artist…he’s a Movement…

  • Am I the only one who finds it glaringly obvious that all the comments are Ohene’s soldiers? All of them. He’s dope though and he’s from Philly. Of course a nigga’s about to download.

  • Randy “Mr RG1”

    This Is Nutrition. Junkfood Is Cool Now and then. But You Need That Nutrtion To Get You On Point. Mind, Body, Soul. Ohene Is That Nutrition The Game Needs And Has Been Needing. Savantism 101. Game On!!!!

  • Van Gogh

    He is simply the best lyricist I’ve ever heard! If you don’t believe it just LISTEN…
    “that’s that vincent I’ve been sent a pen since I was an infant!”