A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown Go “Back & Forth” (Video)

blame it on Meka June 14, 2012

Part 3: bad interview questions, real fans & more

Here are the final installments of Noisey’s interview series between Rocky and Danny, where they talk about the same type of stuff you talk to with your boys… if you were musicians.

Part 4: Danny’s hair, music festivals & more

Part 5: the future, selling rocks & more

  • Danny’s laugh may be the most fkd up i’ve ever heard, they mad funny

  • 5IVE A.

    Danny Brown is mad weird but has some dope shit. He might consider chillin out a little, fixin his diet or some shit. He seems to be on a path of OD’n and getting found in a gutter. Stayin srawny & drugged up.

  • Dope ass interview. They just sat down n chopped it up on some real shit. LOL at rocky sellin rock at 22

  • Thinker

    i agree. dope ass interview. a little over analyzing here but it looked like Danny Brown was talking most of the time while A$AP asked most of the questions and then when Danny Brown didnt ask him anything the nigga had to slide in his own answers. lol. whatevers tho, Danny Brown old as fuck, he got some shit to say

  • RockyPumpFaking

    Rocky needs to stick to making songs and not trying to g-verify anything in his past. He’s cupcake soft and you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice when he tries to speak on things that it’s so disingenuous.

    Danny selling rocks? Yes… Rocky selling rocks? ABSOLUTELY FALSE

  • Thinker

    ^^^ because you know these niggas, ryt? stfu prejudice nigga.

  • Ross Gellar

    This shit is gold lmfao! Rocky was the interviewer I’m guessing this reminds me of when Heems from Das Racist interviewing Kendrick Lamar except not nearly as good or funny. Danny Brown and Action Bronson interview would be funny shit too