NBA TV’s The Dream Team (Video)

blame it on Meka June 14, 2012

This aired tonight, so if you missed it because of other obligations (such as attending ANTHM and Blu’s show at SOBs or the MMG madness at Sin City) you can catch up here.

  • ^^^^^^^I’m a Thunder fan but come on man, you’re jockin’ hard.

  • BoydAlta

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  • halah

    The link is broken…

    @notoriousrambo – I don’t get these people who say WE when they refer to a team, like why do you have to act like you’re on court playing with niggas? smh, I guess you don’t have much to be happy about to be saying you have some credit for someone else winning a game…

    And since when did a game one mean you won a seven game series?

  • Danny

    @notoriousrambo How did you go from straight hood to Rick Reilly in a matter of a paragraph?