• G $

    As far as his mainstream tracks go, "Whoah" is bangin', but if that's your "favorite" BR track (of all time) - your taste either sucks or you don't know much about Black Rob.

    "Held Closely By A Stranger," etc...are MUCH MORE QUALITY TRACKS.

    P.S. Why don't y'all block/delete these BULLSHIT comments about whack internet scams? (like the one currently above mine).

  • fckacunt

    @G $ your post is as asinine as the spam above it, as i'm pretty sure that you were supposed to infer that he's saying his favorite BR track is "I Love You Baby".. actually i'm 100% positive given the video and track that he posted. Before you decide to go all-out cunt in a post, get your head out of your ass. learn to piece together context clues in text that we all learn by the age of 10.