XV – Popular Culture (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy June 15, 2012

XV’s Popular Culture is here and features his take on Kendrick Lamar’s “The Recipe” (Stone Cold) and Ca$h Out’s “Cashin’ Out” (Tappin’ Out) along with original cuts.

XV’s upcoming The Awesome EP (June 26) is also available right now for pre-order and features a guest appearance from Pusha T. Stream and download the Popular Culture mixtape after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: XV – Popular Culture (Mixtape)

  • Mike


  • Mike

    and cant wait to open it up!

  • Ed Holiday

    cool, too many old songs doe

  • djmuzika21

    Already downloaded the mixtape and currently jamming to it. Wonkavator with Emilio Rojas is beast.

  • C-los

    I wish Seven had produced some tracks but it looks good

  • reallydoe

    @ed holiday you do realize its only 1 old song right? so 1 is too many for you?

  • realllllllydoe

    fucking dope, best mixtape of the year, three tracks in and this could turn out better then zero hero’s

  • Banksy

    Super disappointed by this, huge XV fan, but man some of these tracks are corny as fuck, Jedi Night is just a horrible track, production is alright though, really liked a handful of songs, but the majority of the tracks just aren’t on Zero Heroes level, not hatin, just my opinion.

  • Pat Graham

    tappin out and stone cold arent even on here

  • Fiend

    For real, Seven should’ve had a few joints on here but fuck it, still looks dope. Wasn’t Tech N9ne supposed to be on one of his tracks? I remember hearing something about them collaborating for XV’s tape but I guess it didn’t make the cut or something.

  • MadNasty

    If y’all fucks with this, peep the homegirl Joy Deja King’s new track featuring Ca$h Out “I’m the Bomb”. Boss Bitch Music is gonna show these other chicks who’s the best female rapper.

  • Thinker

    A lot of these guys claiming to be “BIG” fans are always so disappointed. The mixtape just came out fool. Give it time, damn. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to it based off of the Monsters track with ScHoolboy Q.

  • Mike

    This is gonna be good, downloading it now, can’t wait to hear the outtake of this tape, Zero Heroes was a classic hopefully this one is.

  • Mike

    This cover is amazing what happened to adding Stewie from Family guy lol and Cleveland show or The Boondocks

  • 2ndera

    Nice. @banksy respect your opinion but may I ask, What’s corny about Jedi knight? I thought it was creative and very well executed…end of the j, end of the tape. Dope shit.

  • Mike

    I am mad that Occupy music isn’t on this tape though

  • S. hawking

    @Mike I found a way to add “occupymusic” to the tracklist. It’s difficult so bear with me. I clicked “occupymusic” from my download folder and dragged it into “popular culture” playlist in iTunes.

  • A. einstein

    ^^^ you coooooorny

  • AirMagicMamba

    ^Naw he is right on I never get why people don’t just do what he said

  • s. hawking

    You illiterate. :-/


    this is boring…damn XV you’ve been wack lately….

  • Thinker

    dang im almost finished with the mixtape and i have to say, this is a really good project! Great songs all around! on the ending credits right now. Wonder how he’s gunna top this for his retail project?

  • Thank Me

    There are few people that I wish success for and XV is one of them. SQUARIANS.

  • IWisechild

    I’m a XV fan but it surprises me that people are just now getting that he’s corny lmao

  • It’s funny, but what I normally what I do when I download a new project, I put it into my player (Media Center), because I enjoy the tagging abilities of it. So, I’ll listen to the whole project, as I do that, when I like the song enough to put it on my iPhone or CD, I tag it like such:

    Go On Without Me [prod. D. Good & The Awesome Sound]

    I got to the end of this project, and realized I tagged EVERY track (not including interludes).

    Basically, what I’m saying is: this is one of the greatest projects I’ve heard in a long time…dare I say, EVER. As cohesive as a mixtape can be. Great quality. Tolerable amount of features. Top notch production. 5 stars, easily.

    This is my opinion. I have to hear the music. If you don’t like it as much as I, don’t listen.

  • JohnnyBoy

    Tape is dope as usual ! L7 !

  • Chris


  • Eduardo

    @reallydoe Wonkavator is also an old song, but then that’s just 2 old songs, and that’s not alot.

  • Eduardo

    Wait nvm. Got the songs mixed up in my Library :P

  • reallydoe

    @eduardo wonkavator isn’t old? show me the page on any real blog that had a real mp3 of it and not a live rip? wtf r u saying? the kick is the only old song, none of these other songs were out before the last 2 weeks, ya’ll need to check your facts

  • Alishki

    Well why the fuck yall thumbs uppin it before you give it a listen, fucking dope-meter is never a right indiciator of the strength of the album.. I shoulda known, we can never agree on what constitutes a nice looking female on SNS.. to each their own. Imma be the judge for myself. yall cant tell me shit: I’VE NEVER DOPED OR NOPED A POST HAHAHAHAH

  • Moment of Clarity

    To the guy ripping the other guy for saying Wonkavator is old, Wonkavator IS old. He did a freestyle over J. Cole’s Blow Up and called it Wonkavator. So two different songs, same name

    And to all the “SQUARIANS”, I’ve been fucking with XV since the beginning and this tape is great. Of course it’s corny! That’s the draw. He’s rapping about porn, video games, and comic books instead of guns, cocaine, and “making it rain”.

  • Chris

    It’s not that it’s corny, it’s that the people that are saying it’s corny are those dumbasses who say “real niggas don’t bump this”. And they’re worried about what other people think when they’re bumping this shit, if you like it you like it, fuck what other people think and fuck what “real niggas bump”.

  • toggaf

    @Moment of Clarity…you’re wrong, XV has “Wonkavator” and “WILLY Wonkavator” which is a cover of J. Cole’s “Blow Up”.

    The whole tape is good, I love the Full House sample on “Mary Kate and Ashley”.

  • XI


  • Norm

    @Armand – what? you tag songs you like? but…they’re already tagged…what are you talking about man?

  • Shagnasty23

    Why wouldn’t he go over “The Recipe” for “Breaking Bad”? It makes too much sense

  • Blue

    XV ain’t shit without Seven.

  • lance geneva

    i see why he put “the kick” on the mixtape, very powerful song.. XV is so ahead of these niggas musically, lyrically, and creatively.. Mixtape is dope as fuck so far but honestly the only issue I have with it is that SEVEN produced nothing ! He is a very important factor in Vizzys career but I believe he neglected his prodcution to prove that he doesn’t need him AND to expand his sound.. L7s UP !!

  • justsayin

    Seven aint shit without Six.

  • colesummer

    this is dope from top to bottom. i don’t think its quite on zero heroes level but at this point xv really needs to get some promotion behind him to get an album out. He has way to much talent to be slept on as long as he has.

  • TT


  • 1dopeboy

    I love Square in the Circle and Everybody’s Nobody, but I wasn’t feeling Zero Heroes or 30 Minute Layover…hopefully this one is a winner

  • 2dope4nope

    It’s a good ass tape and ^ 30 minute layover is good tho nigga spaz on those tracks than most of the original ones.

  • The songs are tagged like “One of One (prod. by Odd Couple)”

    The ones that I wanna put on my playlist, I would tag it like “One of One (feat. Raja) [prod. Odd Couple]”, and so on.

    See the difference?

  • bkimbriel

    This shit is dope. One of his best tapes, up there with zero heroes and everybody’s nobody imo

  • Ahhh

    Everybody’s Nobody and 30 minute layover>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Zero’s Hero Popular Culture.


  • King_Sky

    @Ahhh You are buggin. Zero Heroes and Popular Culture are XV’s best mixtape. Everybody’s Nobody is the only other work thats equal to them. Maybe you don’t like the new content matter, but XV has changed in the past 4 years. Popular Culture is awesome.

  • C-los

    Zero Heroes was the shit. And while I didn’t have any specific expectation I gotta say that this mixtape as a whole was just about putting as many 1 pop culture references as possible and Zero Heroes had much more than that.

    Track per track I found “The Kick” to be good but I don’t think Im leaving any song from this album in my mp3.

    Im not gonna list tracks that made Zero Heroes a great mixtape because its almost all of them, but I don’t know what tracks from this mixtape will be talked about beyond this year

  • DiMES

    AMAZING MIXTAPE!!!…easily the one of the best projects of 2012. No question. Anyone got a problem?…..holla @ me.

  • i know best, sorry

    vizzy’s dope but come on

  • JReezy

    Some of you people don’t know what “corny” means.

  • Noice

    This tape is so dope you just gotta listen and i cant believe he left donkey kong off the cover he sampled it on zombiland rule 32

  • About to download, what happened to “Blame Yourself”, “The 27 Club” & “Chaka Shao Khan” tho. Too great of songs to be just loosies.

  • i am sam

    those songs are on the Yellow Brick Road mixtape that came out few months before this

  • shay

    Emilio Wins. Period.

  • naoshad

    if you like star wars and video game references, this tape is for YOU. if you like drugs/alcohol and goin to the club this ain’t.

    his voice kinda irks me same way as kendrick’s, but it’s clear he puts a lot of thought into his writing with his double and sometimes triple entendres.

    that is all.

  • Turtle

    I downloaded prepared to just deal with corny XV again. While he does go a bit too grandiose for me sometimes, it is hard, very hard indeed, to deny his rhymes (concepts too) and the beats on this tape. This tape is VERY GOOD. Listen to it. Give it a shot. You shouldn’t be disappointed. Over all, XV is always honest.

  • Mike

    Ayo anyone know who is the dude holding his own eyeballs? I forgot where that was from.

  • Juicy-G

    ^^^ aaahh!!! real monsters

  • erhew

    no more mixtapes xv