• hereatlast

    Glad to see this post/topic here. Always nice to see Eclipse's writing up as well.

  • zak

    keeping hip-hop till I'm dead and gone . . . yeah

  • http://facebook.com/SONofMAESTRO SON of MAESTRO

    Heartfelt and tragic. RIP

    Kudos to you, E for repping the culture on all fronts.

  • ninety2

    Thanks for the proper obituary and words of hiphop...Rest in Power IG OFF

  • Ramierez

    Salute to eclipse

  • http://yahoo Raymond

    Thanks DJ Eclipse for your kind words and accurate account of my brother Christopher's giant life as he pushed through the severe pain of his spine fusing together from a rare disorder that doctors were tying to diagnos, and then being struck by a drunk driver. Yet Christopher passion for the coulture of hip hop was unyielding anytime I called and visited my brother he always had an idea of how to promote his influence on hip hop... He would have his aid call into the radio station the aid would hold the phone to his ear and Chris would discuss whatever current topic of hip hop. Chris was also a big Godzilla Fan he collected all sorts of Godzilla pictures, replicas and models of this huge reptile, He also enjoyed a large collection of the latest sneakers primarily Jordans, Nikes and Adidas as you can see on his facebook page IGOTTHESE. The most valuable prize that Chris has was not only parents like Sandra and Raymond Murphy, but my handsome Nephew Chris Jr AKA Sparkz G, Nieces Chachris, Kayla and destiny... God had truely blessed IG OFF with wonderful Children and a grandchild on the way. Christopher was love by his Sister Tara (deseased), brother Zavon, his cousins, aunts, uncles, friends and all his fans. Once again thank you DJ Eclipse from Chris number one fan His big brother Raymond AKA "Manny" or "Murf" which he liked to call me. Love you lil brother RIP

  • http://www.publicwizardinc.com Semp Rokka

    #Salute to both Eclipse and I.G. Off. RIP homie.

  • http://www.thetroyblog.com verge tibbs

    damn, i didn't know the extent of IG Off's condition. RIP to a warrior, a dope emcee, and the writer of one of my favorite demos.

  • http://dirtywaters.blogspot.com Nes

    I.G. Off and Hazardous were two of my all time favorite MC's, I really hope some of their earlier work will get released. Rest in Power I.G. Off