• chronwell

    "U gotta sit on the edge of the universe and accept that U will be loved" That is genius to my mind. I saw her and Dudley perform on U St a couple months ago and it was a spiritual experience.

  • http://www.akellolight.com Akello Light

    all day long......great stuff

  • cmarie

    so much wisdom!

  • http://www.HealthGardensSpa.com Sharon

    Part of that is truth the widsom is to heal thyself before you become part of a relationship. To battle with the other is still hurt and anger we are a loving being and with who we draw to us its who we are inside. If we draw anger then we are angry. We have to heal before we partner. Yes communication and truth is the light.

    Yes we are the light sent here to break thru the darkness but we are the healers and we have to heal before we can help others.

    We are Earth Anglers sent to do lightwork so help those that need healing and are seeking the help you will know who they are.

    Beautifying the inside out will help the outside shine.

    Love is .............

    People abuse the word Love but it requires work hard work in a relationship means there is something there you needed to learn when you are done you move on or maybe just maybe you both learned from the experience and can stay together, just maybe.

    Twin flames shine bright and move thru the Earth with rhythm.

    Much Love,