Thunder vs Heat (Game 3)

blame it on Shake June 17, 2012

The other day I totally forgot to publish the post for Game 2 and therefore we didn’t have an open forum to banter. Now wanting to repeat that, I figured I’d get this up as soon as possible. South Beach is the spot, 8pm EST is the time, 1-1 is the series. Who y’all got pulling ahead tonight?

  • I think it’ll be close, but I believe the Thunder pull it out in the waning seconds. 98-97

  • Mydickinurmomsmouth

    U Crazy… MIAMI all games at home… close this shit down.

  • ZemZ

    either way this should be a great game. this series is exactly what you want as an NBA fan

  • louislagerfeld

    As much as I wanna root for the home team, I think the Thunder will sneak in a win or two(at the most) in our home court. Will tonight be the game? Who knows, but this series is what I predicted it to be before the season even began.

  • asdf

    Not wanting to repeat*

  • Timothy

    The Rigged NBA Playoffs Who C a r e s .

  • Ac

    lebron gon go OFF

  • me high on a bong

    I think Miami takes the first two on the hustle and the home court pressure, OKC is talented but this is their first finals… I think they take game five and bring it back to OKC, where depending on their momentum I think it’ll be a pretty close finish on a game 7…

  • me high on a bong

    But the real question is: where are all those OKC bandwagon fans now?

  • whaaaaat!

    I’m thinking with all those easy FOUL calls heat be getting that’s how they stay in the game and “The Rigged NBA Playoffs Who C a r e s .” clearly with game two NBA like PPV boxing shame.

  • KIM

    JORDAN game 6!

  • Fuckmiami

    Okc bandwagon fans??? Shit Miami has the most bandwagon fans fuck Lebron and fuck you too. Go Thunder

  • kd

    OKC wins. KD goes off. 35 + type shit

  • Miami is the most bandwagon team of all time. Miami wins tonight, but the Thunder take series in 7. KD is the superstar Lebron should have but couldn’t be.

  • koke

    Fuck you Shake faggot ass raped by your daddy Bitch

  • NYdreams

    after what the refs did in game 2 and GAVE south beach the victory…. they better win both their home games….

    i love the NBA and all but the refs are atrocious

  • chuck

    if KD covers lebron the heat win.

    If sefolosha covers lebron and wade plays like he can, the heat win.

    the only way that OKC wins is if westbrook has a high FG% and lebron scores under 30.

    MIA is too good at the end of the day.

  • sb

    well said chuck okc aint shit without harden, and russell hardley passes the ball miami in 6

  • NYdreams

    but i got OKC winning… lebron n dwade gonna give yall 3 quarters and disappear in the last and KD will go off…. my prediction…

  • Bballer

    The only thing that’s for certain is that lebron and wade will bitch and moan to the refs after every shot they miss. They whine more than anyone in the league.

  • me high on a bong


    You heard me right, OKC has the biggest bandwagon out of any NBA team in history. They’re mostly Lebron haters and sour Lakers and Cavs fans. You know it’s true, niggas be wishing OKC win because they want to see Lebron suffer…

    I’m telling you this series is going down to the wire, but there’s no way in hell OKC is gonna win more than one game in Miami. It’s going down to game 7 and that’s where the game will separate the men from the boys… just watch…

    Oh, and I’m in no Miami bandwagon, I’m a Bull, but like any good basketball fan I like to watch a competitive game, I could give two shits about who wins, but the truth is it’s going to be close… Whoever says they know who’s gonna win is predicting weather with a veterinarian’s thermometer…

  • Timmy

    Heat will take the lead tonight…Westbrook still is going to play the way he plays and LBJ just can’t be stopped,so Heat 2-1…


  • DatGuy

    As A LeBron fan, I will say that KD is the best SCORER in the league, while I still believe LeBron is the best player. But Westbrook has to get him more shots in the first half and mainly the first quarter. He’s not going to be able to bring them back every game, so if they are going to win, they have to beat Miami in the first half. I GOT MIAMI IN SIX.

  • Chicago

    Proud Miami hater here. I cheer for whoever their opponent is.

  • Lord Lushous

    Fuck lebron james and and anyone who love him

  • koke

    Fuck Shake, Lord Lushous and anyone who love em

  • Chicago

    Tell me how they called that a blocking foul on James Harden at the end of the game. I see that exact thing happen on almost every possession where there’s a post up.

  • Fuck the refs

    Refs were way one sided. Fyck nba officials just get the damn calls right. They getting paid again. Rigged!! Fuck that. Nba crooked as hell. Not a fan anymore til they do something bout that.

    Can’t wait for football season.

  • Tapdatp

    Fuck Shake, Lord Lushous and anyone who love em

    you fucking ass get off shakes posts your just a fucking hater with no aspects in life.

  • DatGuy

    I’m tired of y’all bitchin’ about fouls. Y’all are worse than Wade and LeBron seeing that the Thunder won the free throw battle the first two games. The Heat are a much more agressive team offensively and the Thunder take more jumpers simple as that. And when you’re winning at the end of a close game, of you’re going to get fouled more often because the defense is more aggressive and sometimes they need to stop the clock. But haters are gonna hate.

  • Exhibit C

    “The Heat are a much more agressive team offensively and the Thunder take more jumpers simple as that.”

    If it’s as simple as that, explain why the Thunder went to the line 14 times in 5 minutes of the fourth quarter against the Spurs. Another game of bad officiating.

  • Exhibit C

    and, @Tapdatp, while you’re at it, explain why the Thunder had 42 points in the paint and the Heat had 46 if they’re so much more aggressive. i’m assuming you just listened to Shaq’s post game opinion and made it yours.

  • THeE

    Thunder are idiots if you see that the refs are rewarding flops, Start flopping too, but they did not lose tonight because of the refs..

  • koke

    @ Tapdatp
    Stfu get Shakes dick out of your mouth

  • DatGuy

    That’s because the Heat missed alot of their paint attempts. Go on ESPN and look at the shot chart. ATTEMPTS in the paint is not even close. And like I said, this is the first game in which the Heat have won the free throw battle the series, so find something else to bitch about because your arguments are invalid.

  • Tapdatp

    stop bitching bout shake cause your lifes shit, its what you make it stop staring and talking shit, this is about heat v thunder not shake.

    Heat do have the advantage now the balls in there park, they been at it too long to not win this season

    @Exhibit C i wasnt really talking about the game i just hate the fact koke came in this post to bitch about shake, its so unnecessary just how i posted to him and now.

  • Exhibit C

    I went on ESPN and looked at the shot chart, and counted the x’s and o’s and it looks like its within 1 or 2 attempts each quarter. I don’t care who wins because I’m not a fan of either team but in my opinion the reffing in the NBA has been pretty bad lately. game 6 of the Spurs/Thunder series was probably the worst reffed game i’ve ever seen. Game 2 of the finals they blew the call on Kevin Durant’s last shot. Anybody could have seen that was a foul and there should’ve been a baseline official right there to see it. And this game, they called the phantom foul on Kevin Durant, benching him. Who knows what would’ve happened if he stayed on the court. Then there’s the phantom blocking foul on James Harden in the last 30 seconds sending LB to the line. A lot of big calls are getting blown.

  • Exhibit C

    @Tapdatp i didnt mean to “@” it was supposed to be “datguy”. My mistake.

  • Exhibit C

    And I agree with you about Koke

  • DatGuy

    I agree that the reffing has been very bad, but it goes both ways. Everyone is acting like Miami is just getting every call and the Thunder aren’t getting any. The Thunder players have shot 77 total free throws in this series, and the Heat players have shot 78 total free throws… The refs may not be perfect, but they are not determining the series. The Heat have outplayed the Thunder 3/4 of every game so far, and that it why the series is currently 2-1.

  • ZemZ

    @ DatGuy

    just because they’re shooting the same amount of free throws doesn’t mean the officiating is fair. if the refs are blowing the calls, then maybe one team should have twenty less free throws, as opposed to their attempts being equal.

  • EricDean

    The Thunder lost because of 3 things:

    1) Missed free-throws. In this game, they shot below 64%. They are 0-4 when shooting like this.

    2) Turnovers. I won’t even mention the stupid in-bound pass from El DeBarge – he basically handed the other team the ball.

    3) Durant’s Foul Trouble. They lost their 8-point lead when he sat out. And for whatever reason the coach pulled out Westbrook at the same time. Miami took advantage, the lead, and control for the rest of the game.

    I’m not worried about OKC, because they came back from being 0-2 with the Spurs, they’ve beat the Lakers, and the defending champs. And the Heat were up 2-1 with the Mavericks last year. But they HAVE to make their free-throws and stop turning over the ball. I got OKC in seven.