2 Chainz - No Lie f. Drake (Video)

blame it on Meka June 18, 2012

Directed by Little Director X

The first single from Teta Chico's Based On A T.R.U Story gets the visual treatment.

I wonder if Drake was singing the hook to this song while bottles and buckets were being hurled a... let me stop.

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  • rapfan111

    We're almost forced to like 2chains, he's featured on so many songs, is always on the radio, but I think he's terrible. This song 2chains is terrible , drake did average. Why is 2chains popular? I don't even see the appeal, he's a re-tard , with retard flow, I know 10 people in my town that can spit bettter than this guy. Why would someone pay so see his show, he's just awful. I am so appalled by rap music , it's so terrible, listening to some of these rappers makes me sick they pollute my ears. I'd rather stick needles in my ears than listen to a 2chains song.

  • PushaT

    Shouts to Drake's tri's, stay bulgin #NoHomo

  • Stop hatin

    @rapfan111 lol you feel that strongly about it? Let niggas make money. Or you do the shit better man. Idk why anyone would hate anyone because of success. Nah he's not the best rapper out there but a lot of ppl especially in the A fuck with his music. Dudes been in the game a long time and struggled.

  • Big Sean

    shouts to @rapfan111 for being a faggot and wasting his time with that paragraph #NOLIFE

  • IslandKid

    Sometimes the jokes on this site are so stale, stop trying so hard meka lmao

  • AcidMan

    I like that video. Secondly, Meka, you tried too hard bruh with the joke. Two misguided young men is not really a matter for you to get all high and mighty and make jokes.
    Thridly @rapfan111, do kindly stick needles in your ears. It is clearly obvious you do not make use of them anyway. I do not expect everyone to have the same taste in music, but it will be remiss of you to dismiss 2Chainz in such an appalling way. The guy has put in time and effort, he is highly entertaining and makes rap more fun with his antics and delivery. Something I can be sure your favourite "real" rappers most probably lack in dinosaur proportions, so please stick the needles in your ears. You guys take care now.

  • The black pouring stuff makes me think of blood. Which makes this video creepy.

  • james dean

    Like the music or not..That was a very good video

  • nerds

    that's so tight theotis had that cameo!

  • coolCat

    2chainz is the chris bosh of hip hop

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    dope video

  • ha

    ^Lil Wayne = Dennis Rodman?

  • wackness

    @AcidMan...where exactly do you see effort? Is it difficult for 2 Chainz to stay fucked up on codeine, liquor, and weed 24/7? Is it difficult to make such horrid rhymes? Is it difficult to say YEAAAA or TRUUUUU whenever you can't rhyme?

    People are hating on 2 Chainz but in reality we should really hate the listener. If we're so simple minded that such simplistic, rehashed, and shallow rhymes can be considered good rap then there is a problem.

    And my problem with him being rich is just like my problem with Birdman being rich. They're paid to be incredibly stupid, promote a pathetic-go-nowhere lifestyle, and that getting fucked up and making money is the key to life.

    And for the record, I'm not the type of person that takes rap too seriously. I was just listening to the Cool Kids before I watched this video.

    Work hard...what I do in 1 week at my job is more than 2 Chainz will accomplish in his entire life and I'm fuckin 22 years old.

  • wackness

    And lastly...I think its hilarious that after 2+ years of skateboarding, Lil Wayne is so bad that he couldn't be in the video to nail the kickflip. He also couldn't ollie in that video with Birdman/Kendrick/Mack Maine, and the only trick I've ever seen him do is slap his wheels over the ramp coping and go back down. Anyone here can do that. He's pathetic. Yesterday someone told me that Lil Wayne, Drake, and J. Cole are better than DMX. Rap fans are sad...sad people.

  • no a good one video
    gay jew(pac) rapper
    retard 2 chainz
    korg m1 sounds beat

    fuck is wrong with this people????

  • TG

    not the explicit version??

  • you dont have to hate on two.chainz the dude is going to die soon. he has a hole in his pancreas or something. just let my man make his money so he might can live, and at the very least enjoy his gift from the make a wish foundation. we all know he been waiting a long time for it.

  • Pauly D

    i swear the people are born with hate in their blood. People have different musical preferences. Fuck off.

  • sorrymate

    I don't hate 2chainz because he makes money, I hate him for his bastardous rap style that is simplistic and repetitive.

    -I make money
    -I fuck hoes
    -I smoke and drink

  • SwizZ

    If yall listened to his music when he was "Tity Boi" you would understand that the 2 Chainz moniker is used to make money. He has a lot of dope mixtapes before the name change, Codeine Withdrawl, Trapaveli 2, Codeine Cowboy. All mainstream is a gimmick to make money

  • Pusha T

    That's the first time drake ever smoke weed...He's not about that life...haha..Yuuuuuuck!

  • that was a hookah.

  • Mr. Andre

    Yo! Theotis, what you doing in there!? What up though!

    On the flip, damb glad Tity Boi went with 2 Chainz.

    @2:49, MMMPH!!! Can't wait till I'm stacked up. Cheers though!

    For those that know... good to see the AE-1 in a digital world!

  • TheCommission

    basic ass video they tried way to hard to be "creative" the video ended up just being dumb and totally irrelevant to the song not to mention the girls weren't that hot lol...but this is my favorite song as of now tho lie

  • nerds

    Hey @ wackness ---your an idiot. you must not skate. that was theotis. shut the fuck up!


  • nerds

    and your first comment does absolutely nothing for you either. congrats 22 year old hard worker you. join the massive crowd and enjoy music

  • ITSDman

    why is every director jackin the jay z onto the next one style video

  • the realest

    " where exactly do you see effort? Is it difficult for 2 Chainz to stay fucked up on codeine, liquor, and weed 24/7? Is it difficult to make such horrid rhymes? Is it difficult to say YEAAAA or TRUUUUU whenever you can’t rhyme? "

    ^ no. but it is hard to make music that is gonna keep clubs open and arenas packed with ppl that wanna have a good time. but thats what nerds dont understand. their social skills are so outta wack that they must hate on the ppl that can do what they can not. their hearts are filled with envy and jealousy. for no apparent reason either! you want to be a celebrity? you want to be famous for w.e. work you do? seriously? how pathetic is that. its idiots like you that put these celebs up on a pedestal that they do not need to be on. like they're suppose to be aristotle or sum shit. fans of the music simply like the music and or shows.

    statements like " Work hard…what I do in 1 week at my job is more than 2 Chainz will accomplish in his entire life and I’m fuckin 22 years old. " is just full of hate and bitterness. and the sad part is ppl actually think they are right when saying it.

  • wackness

    I didn't realize that buying beats from producers and laying some weak verses about getting fucked up was some sort of secret plan to making club music.

  • the realest

    ^ well now you know. ppl dont wanna think about lyrics in the club like its a science fair. the club is where you go to let the stresses of life go and have fun. ppl tryna hear some wit and a catchy rhyming sceme over a beat that got some bounce. but closed minds wont get you that far.

  • the realest

    I don’t hate 2chainz because he makes money, I hate him for his bastardous rap style that is simplistic and repetitive.

    -I make money
    -I fuck hoes
    -I smoke and drink

    sorrymate said this on June 18th, 2012 at 10:55 pm

    ^ the same can be said for currency and tde. but i guess they get a pass huh? smh.

  • wackness

    No one said anything about TDE or Curren$y. And even if they did, if you think that 2 Chainz is as clever as 2 Chainz you're mistaken. AB-Soul and Kendrick Lamar are worlds ahead of 2 Chainz.

    And my life isn't so horrible that I need to "pour up a duece", smoke a face blunt, and down a bottle of hennessey at the club to relax. I'd much rather hit the beach or do something along those lines.

  • wackness

    Woops as clever as Curren$y

  • the realest

    "And my life isn’t so horrible that I need to “pour up a duece”, smoke a face blunt, and down a bottle of hennessey at the club to relax."

    ^ im positive of that, for one. two, to each is own right? obviously you not about that life lmao. and ab-soul and kendrick are not "worlds apart". theyre in two different lanes seperate from where the lane that 2 chainz is in. and even for the lane that ab-soul and kendrick are in, they are just average. nothing special.

  • lamesheeet

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  • the realest

    and i know no one brought them up, i did. bcuz i know thats who you guys nut-hug. not hard to figure out. its made clear in the statements that are made in here. its like you all share one brain or sum shit lol

  • Mez

    Yes, 2 Chainz isn't a good rapper, but his music is catchy and tolerable.

  • "you dont have to hate on two. chainz the dude is going to die soon. he has a hole in his pancreas or something."

    i'm not even gonna lie, i laughed at this.

  • wackness

    No I'm not about that lifestyle. I'm not exactly a stay at home type of person either, but when I go out I like to moderate a little more than blasting my brain and my body apart. I've done it, been there done that, and I hope that at age 35 I won't be about that lifestyle.

    And damn...I know it's a matter of opinion, but Kendrick being average? And AB-Soul isn't as good as Kendrick with the complexity of his lines, but at least he has some though provoking material.

    I don't want to hear about how Tity Boy 2 Chainz has been in the game and has a lot of material such as Codeine Cowboy 1,2,3...good for him, he's been rapping about the same shit for 15 years without any progression except for a name change and somehow managing to get a feature with every artist.

    Simple people like simple things.

    Like I said, I don't think everything needs to be serious, I'm listening to Trademark Da Skydiver right now, who could arguably be as bad as 2 Chainz but I'm just not at all about the lifestyle 2 Chainz talks about. I think it's a shitty life to lead.

  • mycents

    I think it is fair to criticize a rapper on what he gets paid to do, rap. If he is lacking in technique it only makes since that on a hip hop blog where a comment section is offered that people would discuss a rappers skill. Rappers like 2 chains, soulja boy and waka have a level of drive and determination that got them to a position of influence, power and wealth. i respect and admire that. i think its very possible to respect a rappers "hustle" and still (in this case imo legitimately) criticize their technique and message. 2 chains, to me, is a terrible rapper who doesn't deserve the shine he gets(hate his and most mainstream rappers' message) but i understand he appeals to a large crowd and has a place in the context of hip hop culture. Can not knock him at all for making as much money as he can. i just wish that those who consume mainstream music, rap or otherwise, valued skill and originality more than they do.

  • The ₩ackness

  • factormax



  • okayyy

    No I think it's Juicy J with a wig on

  • This video was almost bad anough to ruin this song. almost


  • Tiniak

    Aaah man! Not this nigga again. Fuck 2chainz. My brother can spit better than him and he is 15 and aint even a rapper.

  • SaiyanBasedLord

    looks like drake is taking a piss

  • Thinker

    the 22 year old dude thinking he's living life better then 2 Chainz? yaaaaa right nigg.
    "No Lie, No Lie, No Lie-ie-i"