Juicy J – Bands A Make Her Dance (rmx) f. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz

blame it on Illy June 18, 2012

Off Mike WiLL Made It’s upcoming project, Est. In 1989 pt.2. Splash.

DOWNLOAD: Juicy J – Bands A Make Her Dance (rmx) f. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz (prod. Mike WiLL)

  • You A Fool

    Original was better Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz are wack and corny

  • koke

    Two wack ass artists

  • troof

    juicy is the shit. mike will is the shit. the original track is the shit. 2 chainz is normally the shit. lil wayne IS shit. with that being said this gets a nope. a whack verse from wayne (what else is new) and a whack verse from tity doesnt get it done.

  • Christian


  • biggipp

    Could not have said it better troof. 2 chainz u lose points on this one. lil wayne just stop…please

  • MusicHead

    honestly i think yall niggas LOVE to HATE..smh yall some fuckin mooleys, lames.. yall disgust.. yall say everything he make is horrible like homie aint the most beloved & sold rapper he aint sellin for no reason..& yall was jus lovin dis niggas some years ago.. smh Hip Hop fans,.are the worse Kanye who yall seem to love.. they love u then they hate you again.. like if Wayne snatch a mic from a famous white girl yall wud go nuts but if Kanye do that…yall praise Kanye.. like if yall dont like the music..dont comment shit.

  • NoWuff

    Did Lil Wayne have one tight line? Nope!

  • bitchidoit

    juicy j went the fuck off. wayne went the fuck off. and 2 chainz went the fuck off. yall mofos just dont know good music. this would be a banger anywhere u go u dumb ass fucks. yall can go choke on a dick if u thank this song wack. yall niggas wack

  • princessty_ny007

    i like it i be sakin my shit