Lola Monroe – Gettin’ To It f. Wiz Khalifa

blame it on Illy June 18, 2012

Taylor Gang’s first lady Lola Monroe drops off her latest single “Gettin’ To It” with assistance from Taylor Gang head honcho Wiz Khalifa.

DOWNLOAD: Lola Monroe – Gettin’ To It f. Wiz Khalifa

  • ricky

    please just do a sex tape and put the mic down

  • RealTalk

    pure trash. another song about blowing money? pure brainwash nonsense. people don’t even realize it.

  • DBS

    Just what we need, a Nicki copycat, like the original isn’t bad enough.

  • silence

    she would be good if she actually had an original thought.

  • YT

    Even the ‘Birthday Cake’ knockoff beat couldn’t redeem this track. And those implants look gross.

  • Fred Cliston

    This bitches head is almost as wide as her waist

  • III

    Has originality just completely and utterly disappeared from mainstream music?

  • bkimbriel

    ^^ Yall are sooooooooo mad! Calm down, it’s just one song…out of like less than 5 that she’s put out? She hasn’t even released a tape. And if you had some dough and were rapping, you’d rap about that shit, so shut the fuck up. She isn’t dope…but yall hate mad hard. Wait until you can hear an actual body of work before jumping to dumb ass conclusions.

    Oh and this is obviously a single to gain buzz for her…so obviously it’ll be made for that (you know, brainwashing stuff)

  • that truth

    lol bitching about a cliche song even tho she does it well but you probly dickride juicy j. i cant wait till kendrick gets on a mmg song called throwin stacks and how great you say his verse is and how he stays true to himself. fucking faggots

  • john bonerface

    the song isn’t good, but i’d titty fuck her, and suck a fart out of her ass.

  • realtalk©

    Getting thumbs up on a blog is the new payola.. now way on earth this trash would get a 2:1 ratio of thumbs up/down..

  • RealTalk

    ^^^ yeah, there’s no way this shit has 47 legitimate thumbs up. they prob got a team working it. the track is horrible – not because it’s mainstream but because it’s 100% trash. wiz’s chorus is on some subliminal shit too. teaching kids to blow all their money. just listen. society is fucked if this is what we jock.

    nowadays only the following topics are legitimate rap topics:
    – making money
    – blowing money
    – fucking/leaving bitches
    – being famous
    – dealing with being famous
    – killing fools
    – selling dope
    – consuming dope

    = we’re getting programmed to destroy ourselves. wake the fuck up!

  • Joy Deja King got hotter bars n titties that is just as big yo

  • Ya Moms

    now 2dope csection cares about society lol

  • really

    lame niggas run this site now, thats why this wack shit has more dopes than nopes.

  • MotorBoaterMark

    I think she only got dopes b/c of them tittays!

  • realtalk©

    I don’t even think it’s 2dbz fault there’s so much wack shit on here.. honestly there’s just not that much good hip hop coming out nowadays.. almost nothing has replay value anymore..

  • red

    Cosign realtalk©

    I can hardly get myself to listen to new rap. I still love it, but I’d rather listen to a good beattape or some older tracks because everything I’ve been hearing has either been 100% mindless garbage, or just too damn serious to be “fun music”.
    I feel bad for the people who have 2 Chainz, Future, Ross, Lil Wayne, and Drake in their top 5.

  • “i cant wait till kendrick gets on a mmg song called throwin stacks and how great you say his verse is and how he stays true to himself. fucking faggots”

    i lol’ed at this. kendrick is still my nigga tho.

    can’t believe i stopped listening to janet jackson’s velvet rope for this shit smh.

  • RealDeal

    ^^ fuck dat (kendrick voice)

    i won’t be jockin shit if he blatantly sells out and ditches his persona. don’t assume shit because i offended your shitty rap taste.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Another chick with a mic who looks a whole hell of a lot better than she sounds.

  • and i know

    shes totally not a nicki copy cat, yall would say that. its like saying Yelawolf’s a Asher Roth copy cat haha
    Lola’s next up, she really is a beast on the mic. but i do want a sex tape asap.. haha

  • JohnnyBoy

    She said “MOLLY” smh, I wonder whos gonna be the next rapper to rap about “MOLLY” smfh, Rappers will cling on to any thing. No originality.

  • Malik

    It was alright. Nothing really bad. Nothing really good. Meh, I’m sure she’ll find a fan base.

  • LupeX

    @ “and I know” – all she’s doin is takin’ Nicki’s persona b4 she sold out & went pop. It’s a fabulous marketing idea, many disgruntled Nicki fans wud swing her way.
    Ppl shud realize that she’s still tryna find out who she is, dont b too critical. This aint a game changer, dont think it was ever meant 2 b.
    & as 4 ppl complaining bou the state of HipHop, it’s called ‘Golden Age Syndrome’. Every single generation gets criticized for being worse than the previous. HipHop is just fine, as a matter of fact, it’s never been better! That’s the truth. Yes, there’s garbage out there but there’s also great stuff. We still got KRIT, Common, KDot, JayZ, Ye, Ross, Drake, Em, Wayne, Nicki (lol), J.Cole, Jay Elect, Phonte, Wale, Meek Millz, T.I., Game and so many others. Theere’s more great variety than ever and we have more access to it than ever b4. Though Common is my fave MC, I wud bump Drake at a party instead.
    Stop looking @ the bad and focus on the good.

  • Illerilla

    ^^^ Cosign this 150%

    Ive been sayin the same thing for awhile know

  • RealShit

    ^^ you got it twisted. not EVERY generation is better than the previous, and vice versa. It just depends. There’s great hip hop being made right now, nobody is denying that. What I’m saying is that the shit that’s getting jocked is self destructive. Listen to these lyrics, they’re subliminal whether intentional or not. Why are rappers constantly preaching negativity and self destruction? How come nobody cares? Cuz ya’ll are drugged up and being controlled by the magic wand? I’m not hatin on real G shit – that’s different. But rapping about blowing money is about un-gangsta as you can get! Idiots. Promoting strength and positivity used to be cool and now it’s not. THAT’S WHAT’S WACK.

  • renny

    I’m mad @ yall for having a heated discussion about hip-hop. Listen to what you like & keep it moving. As far as this track goes, Lola can rap. Do I want a Lola mixtape or album right now? No.