The Godfathers (Kool G Rap x Necro) – The System

blame it on Shake June 18, 2012

After dropping the Pre-Kill mixtape to help fans get ready for their upcoming collaboration, Necro and KGR finally release their first single. The Murder Murder Kill Kill EP is due out July 31st with pre-orders available now.

  • Sprosma

    The should have called themselves “The Lisps”

  • david

    necro has one of the most annoying flows and how he pronounces words to close his sentences, it’s like he tries to make it melodic but fails, he has nice multi’s at times and experimenting with other genres (different kinds of metal) gains him some credibility but the subject matter and sentence closers ruin it for me

  • Sadr22

    But let drake drop something and these fools assholes ill begin to pulsate…..
    This shit is fucking bomb…props to NECRO n KOOL G…

  • you

    Kool G Rap… legend of the fall offs.

    Went from one of the greatest MCs of all time in the 90s to this.

  • Tom Webster

    Kool G Rap working with Necro ?? Good was to ruin your legacy

    You go from Big L and Necro Makes me sick

  • who cares

    I have to admit I am a little disappointed with this…

  • Nilezz

    This gotta be the worst shit G Rap ever been on. Nigga fell off hard. Necro some dude on some ICP kinda shit, mad herbs and uppder-middle class wanna be g’s listen to his wack, gimmicky, over the top ass. This shit sucks.