Donnis – Hello Kitty (Video)

blame it on Illy June 19, 2012

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First single of Donnis’ upcoming Break Hundreds & Hearts EP out this summer via Fool’s Gold Records. Get the single on iTunes now.

  • Juego

    All I want to know is who that Asian chick is in the video

  • Your Father

    Man, I feel bad for Donnis. Dud after dud, if you ask me, Southern Lights should have been his debut album because the music he actually expects us to pay for is worse than anything on there and that was free. Dude can do better.


    This dude stay puttin out garbage…


    yall niggas just look for shit to hate on… smh. i grew up listenin to Too $hort n shit, so i’m a fan of that perverted, dirty ass hip hop. this shit go! still aint a donnis fan tho. n southern lights sucked dick…. just sayin

  • ken

    Tiffany Luu. You’re welcome.

  • DevynAUS

    Maaaaaaannn!! Donnis fell off. I used to love his old stuff. ‘Southern Lights’, ‘Fashionably Late’ and ‘Diary of an ATL Brave’ were all dope. I still listen to some of that, but this is pretty terrible. Get back to your old self Donnis

  • You all miss the point of what Donnis is trying to do here: It’s not supposed to be deep or cerebral. This is just like what 2 Live Crew was doing. It’s meaningless, fun, and easy to play at a party.

    I’m not just saying this because Donnis is a close friend. I’m saying it because that’s what is real. If he was putting out garbage, I’d tell him. He’s not making “Diary Of An ATL Brave” anymore. He changed. That’s what artists do.