• http://www.twitter.com/noles506 Noles

    Who the hell would want to touch Rick Ross? Usher maybe..he's an upgrade over that ex wife of his..she looks like a linebacker.

  • amazing

    ^real talk nobody wants to touch that fat sweaty nigga

  • markurs

    Rozay is the Fat Bastard of rap. Bitches love Fat Bastard.

  • jmtmkak9

    Rick Ross Get money, fuck it. But your flow is mad sloppy

  • fruckouttaherre

    so u seriously trippin' over a minor spelling error, yet u seem to have no problems with other misspellings like a fabolous... man fuck yall, like for real... fuckin hypocrites...

  • jonny

    you geeks and nerds still supporting this lame

  • jamie

    wheres the lex luger type beat

  • fastflipper


    what a meeting of fakes thugs ...lol

    ross got no single at all..look like he gonna flop

  • swurk

    usher, big loooser.... ross, cmon son!?!?!?!?