Film School w/ R.A. the Rugged Man (Video)

blame it on hologram shake June 21, 2012

Teaming up with, R.A. the Rugged Man invites us to his home for the initial episode of his bi-weekly web series.

Film School takes you into the vaults of classic Hollywood, as R.A. waxes poetic on everything from campy horror to film noir to Blaxploitation cinema and beyond. You may not get a degree here, but you will get schooled. “I’ll be dropping cinematic jewels on people every two weeks,” explains R.A. “The first episode is just an introduction but we’re about to get crazy with it.”

In the first episode, R.A. breaks down the origins of the Batman character. And don’t forget, Legends Never Die is due out later this year on Nature Sounds.

  • The Ref

    That Invasion USA scene was WILD haha

  • DEEZ

    RA RUGGED MAN is the shit, ive seen about half the movies he was talking about, *gonna check that gen patton out* evil dead disgusted the shit out of me lol, i agree, people dont know cinema today, all the vile shit is what makes the movie and binds together what makes it special, cut that out and you leave the movie without its soul man, thats why its soooo hard these days to have a classic original scary movie, everything is a remake