Justin Bieber Raps B.I.G. & 2Pac on The Angie Martinez Show (Video)

blame it on Illy June 21, 2012

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  • jdz

    Gotta give him mad probs, thrown into mega stardom and now he’s such a pro at this interview stuff.

  • Kane

    Dont Hype ya boy

  • zachariah

    Biggest star in the world, and he gets dislikes for introducing the new generation to biggie and tupac? Get your shit together, there are so many kids like him who made up 75% of all the sales that those two artists reached. Artists are not SHIT without fans!

  • ewoij

    niggas hate when the new generation is not savvy about pac and big. then when they are… niggas hate anyway. fuck you 30 year old bitter ass old heads straight up.

  • Mantra

    The thing is Justine isn’t doing it out of respect I mean I ‘m willing to beat a million bucks he wouldn’t do anything like this not on Hot 97

  • Why so many dislikes? Is it because half of the people that view this site dont know who Big and Pac are and wanna hear JB spit some Drake and 2Chainz? Fuck all yall. Bieber is dope as hell!

  • Crazy part is,a lot of those “Nope” votes are ignorant fan just displeased that its a white pop/r&b star doing it. Others think they are somehow upholding the legacy of Biggie and 2Pac but voting Nope without even listening/watching.

    It’s just a fun video of an interview at a radio station. Y’all acting like Bieber is going to remake Ready To Die and All Eyez On Me lol. Its not this serious man. And yes, I am over 30 and not one of the young guys who don’t like old heads. Its just a video people.

  • ;kdfhii;bfe

    ya niggas act like big and pac are the fucking gods of rap just bc they got killed. fuck that they actually did a disservice to the culture with their greed for money and fame. there are literally a hundred mc i would put a head of that top list motherfuckers are always debating about

  • teee

    he didnt know who the fuck pac and big was before he was famous, dont know if yall trolling or really pole jocking beiber of all fucking people on earth

  • JAyP

    atleast he knew the shit most artist in his genre wouldn’t really give 2 fucks about a Big or Pac lyric much respect to Biebs!

  • swagless

    bieber knows more hip hop than mgk


    but as a side, the kid spit some pretty well known verses, I dont commend him for knowing them, but I also am not hating. just saying…

  • k0d3z

    When did people start riding this guy like todays our last day to live. I don’t give a fuck who he introduces his audience too if you don’t know about Biggie or Pac and need to be brought upto date in a fucking interview with this kid then your not even a true fan of hip-hop anyways. Yall bieber riders are a joke, half his shits ghost written by Usher and everyone thinks he’s the shit. If you think hip-hop is all about an image go ahead and dick ride all you want but when it comes down to the lyrics and all the other bullshit aside this kid is nothing but negative which draws to the music these days along with (so-called) artists such as MGK,Flo-Rida and the rest of the worlds chorus rappers

  • Jeff

    Sour grapes.

  • thatrealshit

    this amateur swagger jacked timberlakes whole career and u corns are too ignorant to see it. this is all marketing u dumb shits, hes transitioning to a hip hop sound so hes tryna connect with that segment of the market and all u retards above fell for it, fuckin sheep

  • Truth

    So you get a pat on the back, if you’re famous, and have heard 2pac & Biggie songs before?


    Who. Fucking. Cares.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    lol at the mad amount of dudes on here defending beiber. And people wonder why hip-hop has lost its traction in the mainstream. smh

  • KING

    Get this faggot wannabe off this site. What a fuckin joke…

  • RonJulio

    Everyone is reacting. It’s hillarious actually.

  • ThugLife

    Ay Biebs is legit dude had real hip hop on his album wit Drizzy da God n Queen Nicki. real recognize real nah mean

  • Chris

    Dont hate on the kid .

  • david

    He shoulda done ‘Definition of a thug nigga’

  • @k0d3z Umm he’s an R&B/Pop artist so he doesn’t have “ghostwriters” he has actually credited writers like B. Cox, J. Que, Rock City, etc. who writes songs for artist like Mary J, Trey Songz, Rihanna and more rnb artist you most likely listen to. Before you try to bash him try to have a decent argument that’s actually insult.

  • dah

    fuck 2pac n biggie even bieber poked em

  • k0d3z

    Anyone who writes lyrics for another artist is considered a ghost writer you fucking bafoon. But really I don’t have time to argue you over this kid. And even if he is R&B/Pop or whatever the fuck music genre you wanna include him in hes trying to switch over and turn into a hip-hop artist now which is just stupid. And did this fucko up top just say Drizzy the god? and Queen Nicki? This is just an example of how stupid the fans are becoming due to the lack of good music coming out anymore

  • Tone Riggz

    It’s so amazing that he knows about two extremely popular, deceased rappers…

  • speezola

    “he didnt know who the fuck pac and big was before he was famous”

    ^ listen to the video before you spew ignorance, he said his dad played pac for him when he was a kid and he could do whole verses at 8. he did say his family didn’t play much big around him, which is smart because big doesn’t have as many kid-friendly songs as pac did (particularly in the posthumous catalog where afeni was choosing more of the family-friendly pac records like “changes” to go on the records)

  • millz

    ^kid friendly?? gtfo with that pussy ass shit, are yall gettin free tampons by defending beiber?

  • who cares

    This clown WANTS people to hate him. He’s about as fake as a 3 dollar bill.
    “This kid was raised right!”
    “Yea I was raised, I was raised….. right..”
    Fuckin’ clown.

  • j2fly

    haha people hate for no reason

  • III

    Hahaha you dudes crack me up. I hate Bieber’s music. The shit sucks. It sounds like all other radio music catered to teenage girls.

    HOW-FUCKING-EVER, I have nothing against the kid as a person. What the fuck has he done to warrant all this hate? You guys act like you have a personal grudge against him or something. Don’t like his music? Fine, give a “Nope” whenever you see a song by him on the blogs. But just because “Justin Bieber” is in the title doesn’t mean you automatically have to dislike the video. What’s so bad about this video?