Random Acts Of F*ckery: Too Much Swag Edition

blame it on Meka June 21, 2012

Since I left Los Angeles for New York, I hardly see these at all (the last car chase I remember before leaving was the “DJ Khaled lookalike” pursuit that sent my the Twitter timeline into shambles). This is nowhere near as unintentionally hilarious as that one, but it does make me miss sitting at home late one night and watching the entire thing unfurl.

  • Frost

    “Do you realize I need help….and I got swag?”


  • Thinker

    Too much swagg bro

  • fastflipper

    drug abuse 101


  • WTF….? LOL! Glad to hear all those involved weren’t hurt too badly though…but, man… dude is geeked for that shit! You know when he sees that tape, he gone be like “Wtf was I on???” lol

  • 2dope4nope

    Haha cotdamn Walter White’s product is finally hitting here around LA huh that’s swag I guess hahaha

  • Vega

    Bitch said “I do realize that” ahahahha

  • 2

    he’s innocent

  • KingOnMars

    He should do time for still using the word SWAG

  • 100milesAndSwaggin

    He should do time for still using the word SWAG


    LOL nah this nigga just brought swag back if anything