Wiz Khalifa – Telescope f. 50 Cent (prod. Harry Fraud)

blame it on Illy June 21, 2012

Fif gave us the heads up a few weeks back and here goes his latest collab with Wiz Khalifa and Harry Fraud on the production.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – Telescope f. 50 Cent (prod. Harry Fraud)
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  • unknown


  • amazing

    ^fuck this nigga. expected better, boring beat

  • unknown


  • bar

    shit decent. hook coulda been a lot better tho. i know wiz could do better than that

  • eqopij

    “expected better”


    really? that comment is what your categorize as hating? wow, nigga you need to get off the dick. sheesh

  • Joe

    chemistry isnt there.. fif could have had a much better verse and the hook is wack… shit i even expect more out of harry fraud

  • Fuck the haters who couldn’t write a fly rap line let alone make a hot song.. it could of been better, but its cool..unlikely collabo. This is what Fif needs to do to really get back in the game.. COLLABORATE WITH SOME ARTISTS PEOPLE ACTUALLY GIVE 2 FUKS ABOUT!

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Khalifa was Kalifa, 50 did ok, the hook made me want to strangle somebody. Other than that it was a pretty good track and the beat wasn’t horrible.

  • Wiz does his usual thing, not that it’s a bad thing seeing as he is the king of cadences.. The hook felt weird until the melody for the second half came in and then it was butter from there since 50 had that classic GRODT flow.. Nice little something for the fans. CLICK MY NAME FOR MY PESO FREESTYLE !

  • GRODT sucked assholes dude… lol..

  • Thinker

    ^^^ r u serious? please get your personal opinions all the the fucking way out of here. GRODT was raw as fuck

  • winker

    bashes personal opinion. makes own opinion. smh. not a thinker

  • KIM

    Yall was Mfs was expecting a major hit thats why yall bitching, this is just something you can vide to…

  • Thinker

    fuck this song goes hard as fuck! Way better then alryt. smh. and fuck you

  • Impulse360

    Gotta admit. I would never have seen this collab coming.

  • Look At Me

    The chorus was horrible lol I think that’s been establish but Wiz and Fif did their thing. The beat seemed too simple, I saw Harry Fraud and expected some super duper dope shit



  • not there

    wiz’s hooks are getting worse…

  • NO WAY

    only liked 50’s verse and he came in hard Wiz was soft as always

  • Just Sayin

    who in the fuck still likes this cornball wiz? really tho?? nigga is lame as fuck

  • Jules

    Good look for Harry Fraud. I wish 50 could’ve switched up the concept for his verse though. Either that or Wiz should’ve spit some Pistolvania shit. It felt like a weird contrast when Wiz comes in on some peace-shit and 50s verse is all pistols, pussy and paper.Go outisde ya lanes people.


    @Jules – i think that was the point.. the fact that despite their differences in subject matter, the sonic cohesion feels right.. You have to remember that Wiz is a huge fan of East Coast gangsta rap..

  • Mike Tomlin

    Rolling Papers mixed with GRODT… super.

    Seriously thou song was cool but they should have taken it all the way and put it on ONIFC or 5. Seems rushed.

  • Jules

    @Lance Geneva you’re right. I guess I just thought that 50 would do something different when approaching the song. It just felt a bit stagnant to me, and it’s not like he couldn’t have flipped it.

  • Jules

    With that said, Get rich or die trying-flow > Guess who’s back-flow.

  • sean boo

    50 murdered Wiz Rose

  • quas

    well that was boring

  • Thinker

    One thing I realized was a lot of wiz’s beats could be a beat for 50. They both go over smooth beats

  • The F

    That picture just pisses me off. Homeboy looks like a fake ass talentless Jimi Hendrix and all you fools eat it up like is legitimate hip hop.

  • fastflipper

    no chemistry

    you can feel its a email verse from both

  • @jules – i feel what you’re saying 1k percent but I don’t think 50 is really trying to do anything new.. They last time he had a “new” idea, it was a fucking dance song.. 50 is just not the man conceptually or musically and his fans need to understand that.. he always makes promises to return to form on his “grodt” as i mentioned in a previous comment, meaning he has no desire to give you anything other than what has been proven to work. Blame his money and lack of genuine musical talent other than writing a solid hook and a grimey ass verse.. CLICK MY NAME FOR MY HEISMAN FREESTYLE !

  • Lloyd Banks

    The hook ruined it for me…

  • mmg>good(donthateniggacuzyouaintanigga)

    wiz top 5 doa. buzz + album sales + hottes bitch in hip hop. enough said. if you dont like it you can go eat a pussy. hatin ass niggas.

  • Wiz been that dude Follow @KSav_SLK

  • A-Mok

    I forgot to comment on this when it was just posted. Anyway, I think it’s great. Harry Fraud kills production, as usual. Wiz did Wiz, 50 did 50, and Wiz did 50 on the hook. If you’ve followed 50 across more recent albums and mixtapes, you’ll notice he likes to repeat shit and pause few times as well. If you didn’t like this track, you probably don’t like someone involved in making it.