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blame it on JES7 June 22, 2012

I will be the first to admit that the notion of an elite group of men cloaked in secrecy controlling the music industry was inconceivable, despite knowing the unethical practices that go down behind the “iron curtains” of the executives who “run” this shit. Industry Rule #4080. You know the rest. A week ago, I stumbled upon an article that changed my outlook on this topic just enough to make me take a couple of steps back and rethink. The article, titled The Secret Meeting that Changed Hip-hop and Destroyed a Generation may read as a complete, tin-foil conspiracy theory at first glance, but take a closer look at the timeline of Hip-Hop along with this meeting, and it makes sense.

The anonymous author describes a secret meeting that went down in 1991 in an undisclosed location in Los Angeles. This was at a time when politically charged, conscious rappers like Public Enemy, X-Clan, Brand Nubian and Poor Righteous Teachers were at the forefront of a revitalized civil rights / black nationalism movement. The meeting in question was filled with hand selected industry taste makers as well as many unfamiliar faces that most certainly did not belong there. The topic swirled around the prison-industrial complex (i.e. privately run prisons) that was set to rapidly increase the inmate population, which in turn would amass more government funding for said prisons and eventually be open to public trade on the market. The targets for the P-I-C were inner city minorities, notably Black and Latino youth. The same industry taste makers who were invited to this meeting were told that once these prisons hit the open market, they would be given the chance to buy shares, being that the music industry executives who these same taste makers worked for were silent investors.

The naive invitees were told that in order to make this profitable, they would have to help market a new mainstream genre of Hip-Hop that would cater to and promote “criminal behavior.” Now mind you, “gangster rap” had already made it’s way into the fold with artists like Ice T and the father of “gangster rap”, Schoolly D. The focus, however, was now shifted onto getting this music in heavy rotation on radio and slowly pushing it out to the masses until it became customary.

But hold up, let’s take a minute to recollect ourselves: This story and topic, as far as I know, has only been brought up in this particular article that is now circulating the interwebs, so it proves a little difficult to make sense out of all this. I consider myself a person that feeds on fact, and was always taught to never take anything on face value; to always study and look into things more. However, as I mentioned earlier, the timeline that all of this went down in does seem to make a little sense. After 1991, there was an incredible increase in the volume of “gangster rap” artists and groups, along with singles that promoted violence, drug references, misogyny, etc getting burn on the radio. There also seemed to be an influx in the amount of Rap / Hip-Hop CDs that bared the infamous Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics label that seemed pull kids to it more than it did to prevent them from purchasing.

Brotha Wise Intelligent even states, “There are people in this particular society, who wants to see us exactly where we are.” The absence of positive, conscious Hip-Hop is sorely missed and may explain why those who would normally rebel against this oppressive and prejudice system seem to no longer have a voice. Again, as Wise Intelligent asserts, “1992. Number one record on the radio, we had Fight the Power on the radio. Rodney King gets beat before the World. The Black Youth rebelled against the system. And what primed them? Positive Hip-Hop. Fight the Power primed them. Fast forward to our day. Sean Bell is shot 50 times in the streets in New York by police officers. Number one song on the radio: ‘Like a Lolipop’. Nobody does nothing. I believe it was the brotha J.T. Figga who said that the label executives came to him and said ‘Yo brotha. We need you talking about guns and whores’. That happens. I’ve been in those meetings with management, and heads asking me ‘Is what you’re saying really what you believe, so that we’ll know how to market you properly.

To wrap this post up, I want to pose a few questions for the dopehouse, as I know this a touchy topic that gets brought up numerous times in the C-Section. In your personal opinions, do you firmly believe there is a group of executives that are directly influencing the path our beloved Hip-Hop has taken? Or do you believe the Illuminati or some other secret society is directly involved in the decision making? Have you heard similar stories to the one linked above? What type of cold hard facts have you come across that lead you to believe this, or are these just personal assumptions?

  • I’m a really stupid sheep

    people just mad that their kind of music ain’t selling.

    and of course the record company have had some influence but in the end the power lies where the money is going, the record company just want put out music that’s going to sell.

  • TapedYours

    As for the “Secret Meeting” its a very nice story, but probably belongs in the fiction section. No source? No name? No credibility! Then again some people will fall for anything! I bet the Illuminati was behind this one too right? And everybody knows what is being played on the Radio isnt real, its just amasses to the 90% or so of the youth that thinks thats real, and that life is all about guns,drugs,nakedchicks,money,etc. Take a listen to Lupe Fiasco, who actually fights the system! Or knowledge kickn artists like JayElectronica,Blu,KendrickLamar,Skyzoo. _ True art died in the Heart of my Mind_

  • ^^^ – I dont think so mane… this video hit it on the head…. there is no religious factor in this topic even though people place that all the time and lose the focus of their point because they sound like “ANOTHER SIMP-CONSPIRACY THEORIST” but besides that… this is valid and believe it or not there are plenty of people in the entertainment biz who try to strategically use this type of information kept inside the cooperate offices and display them to the viewers and listeners… that’s why the internet is so huge now and that’s why you have artist like Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, and many more who use what we are used to (BECAUSE OF THE FORCEFUL SOMEWHAT BRAINWASH EFFECT) that these labels are flooding the air ways with… AND FOR THE SELLING PITCH you tried to put out there… you only purchase what is advertised…. think of it like food… if there weren’t that many Mckey D’s on every other corner and sponsored events and commercials.. you prolly wouldn’t spend your buck on that poison of a burger… simple as that… What ever the radio shoves down your ears… is what you will grow to like in the times of now

  • $$$

    It’s called marketing and it goes beyond music. ‘We’ want what we are forcefed. And those that don’t want that and look for it themselves find themselves doing the same exact thing in a smaller form of the model. Conspiracy, my ass. If people focus on our own families/harsh living situations they’ll find ways out; if they keep their ignorance up, they’ll stay where they are.

    To push the envelope even further, most minorities are Democrats and that whole political party pushes those in poverty to stay in poverty, while the other side promotes hard work to cross that line and become something.

    My two cents.

  • bkimbriel

    I don’t think it’s controlled by a single team of people, I just think it’s headed by older people who no longer like pushing the envelope. They don’t care about artistic merit, positivity, etc. They simply want to benefit the bottom line.

    If your market is young white females, you have Taylor Swift.
    If your market is young black males, you have Waka.

    I don’t think it’s a group of big wigs all sitting at a round table saying let’s brainwash the youth. But when money is being made, changing the formula is risking profits and the “elites” seem to only care about the bottom line.

    But at the same time, a setup like what is being said here isn’t crazy either. So ultimately I choose to believe that people are acting selfishly and narrow minded with just focusing on money, rather than consciously deciding to ruin a generation.

  • naoshad


  • $$$

    Odd Future aren’t popular though. Adele is popular.

  • ying

    there is hope in the c-section, all i usually find in the c-section is some retards talking for the sake of talking. hate/love waka

  • the realest

    @ $$$

    yeah, but the “other side” promotes hard work bcuz they are the owners and want the best production as possible. and they also promote a dog-eat-dog country where if you fall, your country will NOT help at all. eventho we’re paying taxes, fighting in the wars and etc. theres plenty of ppl that fell on hard times(as we all do in life, which is why we need family or assistance to rely on) and were able to pick themselves back up after receiving SMALL assistance from the gov. dems dont push those in poverty to stay in poverty, they keep them from falling further until they can pull themselves up.

    thats called reading between the lines and digging deeper. but i hear you tho.

    @ hometownhero

    ppl spend that buck on that poisen burger bcuz it is only a buck. not everyone can shop at whole foods or eat those terrible expensive vegi burgers. why? bcuz the enviormentalists arnt business folks, they’re enviormentalists. they have no idea the logistics of operating business and supplying a demand. which is why those health foods are so expensive to cover the manufactorers own expenses and as well make a profit. bcuz no one works for free. no matter how much “tree-talk” they talk.

    but as to this post, i mean, theres no denying that those meetings happen. but uhh, and? it was a nice read like outta a crime novel but it is really small in significance. for one, crime has been going on since forever. and if this meeting happened in ’91, well gangs been around since the 70s. the music isnt what makes the kids do crime, it the enviorment. the music simply provides a backdrop to the life that they see or are living.

    if anything, with the mainstream attension it received, it should have brought more awareness to the problem and let ppl know wtf was gonig on. but instead of being awoken, ppl saw it as ignorant black folks making serious money off the samething movie producers and directors do with gangster flicks. if anything, it was the label heads who are to be held accountable seeing that they have final say on what gets released. and the conspiracy nerds will viciously insult and degrade gangster rappers due to their own mass ignorance and jelousy, but thats another story.

    music and marketing has very little to do with ones actions. it does play a role, but not a large enough role to justify it being the cause. thats not the problem and reason for all the time crime in inner-cities. if thats your theory and logic, then you obviously dont know what your talking about, and are just trying to fill in the missing peices to your conspiracy puzzle.

    i hate to be “that guy”, but we dont need more talkers. we dont need more anonymous ppl releasing stories about what we all already now, without any names or links or any direct accountabilty as a result of him releasing this info. we need more ppl making things happen. not ppl making empty statements and talking about what others need to do.


    As far as Hip Hop is concerned, 2Chainz is now getting A-List features. I’ll let you arrive at your own conclusion…but Hip Hop in 2012 is different than Hip Hop in the Golden Era.

    And I know Taylor Swift isn’t hip hop, but check how she did it. She ditched her label and went out on her own. She manages her own shit, makes all the decisions, writes her own music, and now embarks on $100M tours with millions upon millions of fans…and she’s not a phony. Hate all you want, but she’s a smart mu’fucka.


    YEs music is the only free art form they not only did it in music army etc etc

  • kcroyal

    ^Kanye is a puppet that’s been taught how to be a puppet master himself..

  • thatrealshit

    anyone who has business experience can attest to the fact that (no matter how professional and regulated business may seem) the majority of it is based on deceiving the public into investing in a product that isnt what they think it is. whether thats a piece of garbage sold on tv at 4 am, or (in this case) music that is used in order to maintain and grow an outside investment. marketing is basically acting on stereotypes and perpetuating them in order to sustain profit (theres a reason the mdonalds commercials during nba games have black ppl in them). millions of dollars is spent each year on researching what the public wants and how businesses can profit off of it. there is no doubt in my mind that meetings such as this go on (whether this one did is a whole other issue). the illuminati is fiction, but the reality is there is a small minority that influences the masses in order order to sustain their own dominance, thats big business at its most fundamental level

  • thatrealshit

    and at $$$

    have u ever takin a political science class? do u understand the fundamentals american politics at all? democrats believe in giving money back to the people, offering health care and wellfare to everyone that needs it and giving tax cuts to middle class americans. conservatives want to limit government which allows them to sit on their money and make sure the poor stay poor. thats why it is incredibly hard for an american to improve their social class from generation to generation. families have the ability to sit on their money and pass it down to spoiled kids who never work a day in their life. they can make investments with the help of the most intelligent professionals and their wealth continues to grow. while the rest of us bust ass and shovel shit 12 hours a day. honestly do 10 min of reading and you’d realize everything u just said is just flat wrong. ppl’s ignorance never ceases to amaze me

  • marty mcfly

    @ Justice, I dont know if this story is real or not and I believe some elements of it is true but just to give an opinion on your question. The music business only cares about making money, they really dont care about the craft or the peoples lives that this culture is based on. Now major labels do play a role in dumbing down the minds of the youth but I believe the artists themselves are more at fault then the labels. The music industry capitalizes on the words these rappers write but the rappers actually write the words. Now add on to the fact that in the hoods of america most people are totally uninterested in anything by a rapper that doesn’t glorify bullshit. Now add on the fact that the music industry spends the majority of its time trying to appeal to the teenage mentality. Watch 106n park, or listen to mainstream radio, now does it sound like their trying to appeal to an adult mentality? Hell no, you hear stupidass songs thats promoted and commercialized to entertain simple minded people. Now add on to the fact the most hip hop fans buy ignorant music and that only forces the machine known as the music industry to pump out more ignorant music. My frustration with my own culture comes from knowing that deep down we are all better then this. The fans need to know that they dont only have to buy bullshit, they can also buy some “real” shit sometimes. Furthermore I dont have a problem with a rapper saying some off the wall completely ignorant shit as long as they can balance it out with some knowledge. Some of the greatest rappers ever have said the most stupid ignorant shit ever but at the same time they deliver a message. So basically what im saying is that we can all just blame the industry and the people behind the industry for dumbing down the culture but we also gotta put some responsibility on the artists that write that shit and the fans that continue to buy the shit. You cant expect that the people who own there music labels actually give a fuck about the mentality of the youth cause they dont.

  • brite

    This is the most retarded piece of shit I have ever read on this site and I’ve read all of Miss Peas’ editorials. This shit is dumber than all the fuckery acts put together. The idiocy on display here is reaching transcendent heights.

    Conspiracy bullshit. Really. Fucking really?

    Oh well, you better watch out, the Illuminati, the Killuminati, Carl Rove, the Black Crusaders and the Masons will all be coming for you now, along with the Templars and Assassins too.

    Wasting my time on this bullshit. I’d Rather read through Peas stammer through a couple thousand words on why A$AP Rocky is uber kewl and SOOOOO ORIGINAL.

  • that truth

    youre hella late but that theory has been proven wrong. black people prison rates decreased in the 90s, altho people do stay in jail longer now for lighter sentences. hope you enjoyed writing your essay everybody was off of a month ago and nobodys gonna read

  • wow

    Are you taking the piss? Thought people on this site would be old enough to not believe this nonsense

  • Genius

    Fight the Power!

  • Young Dizzle

    Anonymous author describes a secret meeting at an undisclosed location = 0 credibility. Moving along.

  • kamu

    Finally but understand hip hop is nothing just think how this demonic cabal have shaped our lives and our whole way of thinking…


    people surprise me with the gap of knowledge they obtain. Logically if you and the boys you grew up with got into different fields of work but collectively began to own pieces of the community. Such as farmed goods, drugs, medicine, land and education, why would you not begin to have meetings on the future of the population in which you subsequently own. Maybe not fueled by evil but you got busy on your block and now you run shit, with drive passion and sacrifice it happens. So now you and people you know own capital in the world you live in, but someone has the idea to meet regularly and come up with ways that benefit the group. That would be your Secret society, the only thing wrong with the facts are the demonic spin.

  • Anonymus

    Also the fact that this so called secret meeting was to gain profit by increasing prisoner population makes sense, but it also kills two birds with one stone.

    If rappers were politically concious then they had more to lose than money if it caught on. Not only did they profit but they protected their stake as leaders.

  • Monster

    this is really stupid, at the end of the day we all have a choice when it comes to the music we listen to. off yo self if you let your life be influenced by any music, whether it’s Public Enemy, or Drake. you should always be able to create your own opinion w out having the outlet of music to run to. educate your selves, music is entertainment, if your kids are reacting negatively towards it, question the way you are raising him or her. simply..

  • $$$

    I was going to make another semi-lengthy response toward those who think I’m ignorant and need to take a political science class but definitely not worth the effort, lol.

  • The ignorant shit sells. NWA led the way for that paradigm shift in rap by becoming so commercially successful, and conscious rap has never been able to re-gain the foothold it had in the late 80’s and early 90’s since. Was NWA the experiment created by these executives wanting to feed the prison system? Absolutely not. It’s a fun story that helps “real Hip Hop” fans feel like it’s not their fault that #brilliantignorance dominates the airwaves. However, the truth is much more bleak: “Real Hip Hop” is in the state that it’s in because fans of Hip Hop just don’t buy into it. Sure, blame the mainstream all you want, but if the Hip Hop community cared more about saving conscious shit, it would make more of an effort to support it.

    Just like what’s been touched on a few times here already, it’s about supply and demand. If the Hip Hop audience at large started investing more in conscious music, we’d see the shift. But that takes time, effort, and a whole lot of money.

  • NoWuff

    This tells me that Kendrick Lamar has the chance of a lifetime to bring “positive hip-hop” back to the spectrum of the mainstream.

  • bashir philly

    Not a joke but just saying. If you believe in this post or this even sparked a little interest. Is it safe to say we can give that CANNIBUS (agents kidnapped me) story a second thought?

  • you


    No its because you have no reply. Ignorant motherfucker.

  • Spike

    I will officially never read another post by Justice. What the fuck is this shit? A secret meeting described by an unknown author at an unknown location? Fuck out of here with that bullshit.

    Hip Hop ain’t controlled by anyone. The fact is that a lot of people actually like listening to ignorant music, and that’s all there is to it.

  • Shane

    For those interested in an alternate take on these same events (ie. the change in ALL popular music at the end of the Cold War, circa 1990), check out Joshua Clover’s book ‘1989’. He places the rise of gangsta rap within the context of economic deregulation, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the supposed ‘global takeover of capitalism’. He’s not the best musicologist, but the theory he offers is more thought out than some tin foil hat shit.

  • Notch

    Spike, that doesn’t make sense. Who enjoys being, listening to, or experiencing ignorance? Seems like the kind of thing that just gets tolerated.

  • Notch

    And ANOTHER thing. There is a reason why all of the liquor stores, check cashing, and bail bonds places are in the poorest parts of town.

    The best kind of slave is the kind that doesn’t know it’s a slave.

  • Honestly I feel like if this WAS real, then the artists are at fault for being apart of the culture but yet perpetuating those horrible agendas.. BUT the TRUTH is that there are more dumb people with short attention spans than there are intellectuals who want intellectual stimulation.. If there was ever something that was “REAL SHIT” that got popular, it’s probably because some element of that song contained SOMETHING (not nessecarily the LYRICS) that were EASY to grasp.. Thats why we get the music we get, its ALL generes, not just rap.. Lupe’s “superstar” for example, contained a beatiful hook.. But no one knows that the damned song is really about heaven.. Lupe’s song wasn’t successful because of something he did but rather an EASY to grasp ELEMENT of the song.. CLICK MY NAME FOR MY HEISMAN FREESTYLE ! LYRICAL YET FUNNY AS FUCK !

  • 1Nation1Groove

    Does it matter if this meeting is real or not? No… What matters is that music that has a history of selling such as Public Enemy, Brand Nubians, X Clan, ect. is no longer marketed to sell. Rather music that does promote unproductive behavior or “Criminal” is marketed and promoted often to young impressionable minds. You ask why this is, give it your best guess…
    But the reality is that hip-hop is Black/African music and black people do not control it. Nor do they even attempt to… With people like 50 cent rich enough to create their own distribution company’s but would rather argue with interscope for a new deal.
    If we really have a problem with the actions that the music industry takes regardless of who is pulling the strings and why we would take control of our own. Self-Determination is the answer.