Dom Kennedy – Yellow Album (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy June 22, 2012

After giving us a visual for the project’s lead offering just over 24 hours ago, Dom Kennedy comes through with his much anticipated Yellow Album mixtape featuring special guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Freddie Gibbs, Too $hort, and more. Stream and download the 13-track mixtape after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Dom Kennedy – Yellow Album (Mixtape)

  • Dom took over the summer again.

  • DUB C


  • FlossinB

    Best project out in 2012 so far. Dom is winning!

  • Tdot


  • (2)dope

  • MDA33

    This Shit Was Weak!, “FROM THE WESTSIDE 4 WITH LOVE” Part 1 Was Tha Last Good Record He Put Out!……

  • comb hair

    ^can anyone else confirm this?

  • barney

    i definitely agree From The Westside, With Love was his best work. The 2nd one was good, but not as good as the first. I feel like this project is about on the same level as the 2nd one.

  • Thinker

    westside 4? da fuck is dat?

  • Thinker

    if you’re talking about FTWWL being his best so far then yes, i concur. still havent listened to this yet tho. My hopes are up!

  • Thinker

    and i fucking thought this was going to be an actual album being sold. Come on Dom! You got some real fans out here

  • yeaaah

    original dom kennedy was hard too but i expected a lil’ more

  • skeme

    MDA33 is glasses malone aka a hater aka someone lost and forgotten BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  • fatboireal

    The summer belongs to Dom…

  • LALowkey

    My nigga……im finding it hard to ride w/ this. I don’t know why.

  • AD

    this album is tough… I ya want his old shit, listen to his old shit and stfu… Rappers who make the same type of music don’t progress

  • Thinker

    just got into track 6 and this shit GOOOEEESSSS!!! sounds like that Future Street/Drug Sounds project on steroids. can anyone tell me what that sample is on Don’t Call Me? sounds super familiar and its bothering me

  • Thinker

    goddamn. Track 10. This shit is fucking classic. No regards for the work these other rappers put in. Dom killed it with this fucking project

  • Thinker

    fucking finished. dude. Dom is up there with the big name Westcoast MCs. Its the mix of perfect beats, flow, atmosphere and cohesiveness that he brings with each project. Dude is a modern day Snoop Dogg in his prime

  • lolife

    He said he wanted to try something different and it worked. You still my nigga dom

  • that truth

    must suck to be 27 and still be a shitty rapper. smh @ biting ric flair samples from killer mike

  • Ns17

    5.0|Conversations Is Banging Hard Tho He Def Have A New Fan

  • YEEE

    DOM went from 25th, FS/DS, B.A.B, FTWWL…blah blah to this bull.


    @that truth
    really? you think it sucks to be on top of the west? You think it sucks to be getting paid with no major label support? you think it sucks to be shitting on signed rappers? it must suck to envy another mans success.

  • W$GT$

    @that truth…..check that dope to nope ratio nigga! you’re not allowed to have an opinion.

  • asdfghjkl

    dom sucks this coming from a former fan

  • Tru

    …. This nigga conceited. No1 tryn hear that. Best trak da last one

  • Blu

    He a good dude tho we all gotta eat..

  • young slauson

    album sounds so smooth in the truck while u driving shit flows seemlessly

  • kayo

    I never really hate on the c-section but I’m mad disappointed with this, I’ve been ridin with dom for a while but this is just not good.. beats are on POINT, but his choppy slow flow and INCREDIBLY mediocre lyrics just aren’t cuttin it for me anymore

    Like we get it, you get bitches and are gettin money now but rap about something else, all 13 tracks or whatever is the SAME line over and over again and not even clever.

    “Lately” “We Ball” “Been Thuggin” and a few others are dope but as a whole I think this is one of his worst efforts, if not his worst overall.

    “Lately” is the fuckin anthem though, that shit is great

  • kayo

    @Tru …. conceited is the best way to put it my man. like i have no problem with talkin bout bitches and doin your thing on some west coast ridin shit but he just sound conceited and just not good

    Like for me to have that slowwww broken up flow he has where you’re really hearing every line, you need to come correct with your wittiness and your flavor and he’s just mediocre as shit

  • Dom = black Mac miller

  • Turtle

    Yeah, sorry, this is not good. The beats are the only thing that comes close to a saving grace. I listened to it once, and I don’t want to listen to a single one of the songs again. It’s that mediocre. Truth.

  • joe g

    i dont really understand why dom is so respected. he’s just okay..that my kind of party joint is not that great

  • the joint with kendrick tho >

  • Ref.

    smooth. easy.

  • God’s Son

    Dom trying to be TOO California now. It’s like he’s trying to promote the old West Coast sound so much it’s starting to bring his music down. Still dope, but his worst project.

  • G00D

    Soooo many ignorant ass comments on this right now, if you fuck with dom you know why, if you don’t come up with something better than “too california” or “black mac miller.” How do those comments make any sense whatsoever? Blu said it best, hes gotta eat

  • allan

    album sounds so smooth

  • Silk

    “This nigga conceited. No1 tryn hear that. Best trak da last one” – all thoughts on project aside what does this even mean ? Surprised you could even spell conceited with the rest of your illiterate ramble or forgot to the new school typing like you halfway retarded makes you look ratchet…

  • B

    Hey, what did Too $hort make a living rapping about?

    That’s what Dom is doing.

  • GoDucks

    Smooth as always, a must download for the summer

  • louislagerfeld

    Just downloaded it, but I have yet to give it a full spin. I’m not going to form an opinion just yet, but by the look of all the comments on here, I can tell alot of yall are mad bias towards Dom. I’ve been fuckin with his music since Future Street/Drug Sounds, and yes his best project to date is From The Westside With Love I. I’m gonna see how the Yellow Album compares to some of his older work.

  • WE$TSIDE 1 and Future Street/Drug Sounds was his BEST work! The rest had jams you can bump!

  • B

    Criticizing Dom Kennedy for the same old smooth, ostentatious West Coast party rap is like criticizing Too $hort for rapping about fucking bitches or Snoop Dogg for rapping about weed. It’s his niche. It’s his lane. And people fuck with it and can ride out to it. Throwback shit. That’s it.

  • naoshad


  • DK

    I love Dom’s music but this was pretty weak. With his music I’m not expecting super complex just some dope beats and simple lyrics I can chill to with FutureStreet & West Side 1 (and 2 to a lesser extent) he managed to do that but this project is just meh. Beats are mediocre lyrics are actually ridiculously simple borderline stupid I’m not expecting some like conscious rapper type lyrics from him but damn most of them were just terrible. Not to mention other than beats/production one of the best things about Dom is the hook/chorus is always catchy at the very least the West Side With Love 2 had that. Not hating and i want to see this dude succeed but this was mediocre ranks right down there with the Original Dom Kennedy as one his worse projects in my opinion.

  • CosbySweater

    ATTN DOM: Stop focusing ALL your music on BITCHES.. Switch up your COT DAMN subject MATTER!!!!!! “what you eat dont make me shit…” its like I really want to like his music but I cant because dudes head is inflated bigger than a GOOD year blimp without the music to back it up. Niggs sayin he up there with the WEst Coast GReats!?!? Pssst.. stop it child and go back play with your tonka truck

  • Urt

    Silk you are a sucka. I typed this on my iPad. We real thinkers no wonder u cant figure this shit out you deadweight. U say it look ratchet how about the content on this album and artist you dick riding . I’m from the West too just be real but I’m grown and I’ll fly over your whole concept and perception on earth trick.

  • jojoba

    No hate but these beats go… but this rapping sorry… I mean i dont even know what to say this rapping isnt even interesting but these beats are beatiful just not feeling that rapping IJS

  • jul

    I ride wit it. Gave it to us for free quit acting like y’all in the studio

  • Thinker

    I don’t think y’all get that the only thing that changes with Dom is his choice of beats. Dude never switched the flow or the lyrics. And y’all complaining? Real Dom fans? Yaaa ryt nigga. U jus hop on the hottest shit at the moment and hop ryt off when the hate gets poppin

  • Thinker

    and the nigga who said he stole the Ric Flair sample from Killer Mike….
    nigga….shuuuuuuut the FUUUUUUUCK up.
    stealing whats been stolen? rethink your life dumbass

  • westLAfinest

    anybody who uses the word “Hater(s)” in their comments to describe someone else opinion is in fact a hater themselves because you are so emotionally invested in the artist (you like) that no one else can have an opinion of their own without YOU catching feelings. STFU. this is a blog and people can say whatever they want. The fact is that good music is mostly undeniable by most listeners. When fans are divided this means the music is just NOT that good its ok and thats what this is…

  • avalanche

    #tde #highpower

  • ayo

    turns this off, throws back on ACTION BRONSON while headed to Pico to La Brea dispensary…

  • nickd

    back in the day dom had substance/ something to talk about. now all his shit sounds the same. its like his whole album is 10 songs just like “my type of party” and the other 2 or 3 are decent. its simple, dom is selling out for the money and the girls. hes only rapping about women on this tape. damn his features are nice but this tape is weak. the beats are nice tho

  • KCintheOC

    Listened to it once and I don’t want to again. I was pumped when I heard this dropped but damn did it disappoint. All you dudes hatin’ on people for not feelin’ this tape need to get off Dom’s dick already. Just cause the dudes put out some bangers in the past doesnt mean this shit cant be wack. And it is. The tracklist looks nice with the features but wasn’t feelin this tape at all. Back to future street and westside for me

  • Fred

    The hooks are very weak, the beats are nice but I was expecting better, considering the production credits. And the lyrics… We all know what to expect from Dom, but it seems like he ran out of raps on this one. My favorite track for now is Hangin’, his verse is dope and the beat is hipnotizing (the verse section), but the hook is horrible.
    Dom better step ip up, quickly. I was very hyped for this.

  • j2fly

    not his best work but its free… just some feel good shit no substance.

  • $OPM$

    This slapss! If you’re a true Dom fan, you will like this. Everybody else is free to go back to bumpin fake skater dude, lil chuckee and nicholas minaj.

  • Dom fucked up alot of perfectly good beats!! He doesn’t have the craft to make songs but these beats are crazy as fuck..


    ya this tape was really weak like Hov said “Nigga’s beats is banging, nigga your hooks did it Your lyrics didn’t” thats what frist came to mind after i took a listen to it, I fuck with dom too trying to do that slow cute flow just aint cuttin it

  • 2

    this tape is about the same quality as everything else i’ve heard from him. so about average. really dont expect anything revolutionary but it definitely better than alot of stuff posted here

  • method

    that truth you are just a sike
    its a mix tape of course he’s gonna bite a sample off killer mike…
    your opinion continually is shit.

  • tracy

    You work hard, Get what you earn, then die. Its not more complicated than that. there’s the life changing content you fuck niggas are looking for. #fuck2dopeboyz

  • j

    bitch in the back swagged out. GRAAAAPESSS!!!!!

  • PW

    Yawn Kennedy, spend more time on your lyrics.

  • Most you niggas hating on this nigga and the content of his lyrics are prolly just jealous cus u get no bitches or money and cant relate. Get out the c-section and off this niggas sack u cock rides

  • G00D

    I understand the criticism that his lyrics are weak, but I strongly disagree that every single song contains no substantive lyrics. Check out “hanging” w/Gibbs again. Dom’s addressing the reality that young black men who indeed are extremely talented, are being locked up at disproportionate rates, for very long periods of time. Gibbs then addresses that he lives this fast life, which i think is in fact less substantive but Gibbs got that killa flow anyhow.

  • marty mcfly

    Since when did people start expecting Dom to rap like he’s Chino XL? He never stressed being lyrical ever on anything he’s done do far so why some of you sound surprised now idk. The tape is cool for the most part and Dom aint the first rapper from Cali to just rhyme about girls and being cool instead of the science of the universe. He still got a better rhyme scheme then alot these fools that just jump all over the beat when they rhyme imo.

  • nickd

    dom never stressed being lyrical but every tape gets worse, lyrically. People liked to bump him because of his beats and his lyrics. Now its great beats and a slow humpty dumpty flow that gets annoying. dom is still slept on tho

  • Tu

    Yo, this is coming from a LOOOONG time supporter of Dom, this album is a disappointment lyrical wise. If you fucked with Dom since Back when he dropped 25th hour you can tell the drastic change in his lyrical content. Dom used to spit that real motivational shit, now he’s already acting commercial. i mean theres no problem with rap pin bout girls money and cars, but damn at least be clever with it! like y’all said beats are nice as fuck, but i know Dom can do waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better lyrically, like foreal he’s killed many tracks, but shit aint been the same since he dropped FWSWL2, smhhh

    and I’m not asking for him to stay the same, because changing brings growth for an artist, but at least change for the better

  • Caff

    amen to that Tu^^… shit was pretty disappointing.. i’ll still fuck with dom from here out but this was pretty weak. i’m trying to hear some more bangers like Bet You Want Me (Now), Turn Me Out, When I Come Around, and Hennessy Beach.


  • Bddddddddddat

    most dumbed down lyrics ive heard from dom in some time ….typically his flow,beats, and hooks draw you in to the music …but this shit was just watered down …too many songs for the bitches …to many soft ass beats … i think i heard some techno sounding shit on here too! …. i mean what the hell is this bruh…lol

  • marty mcfly

    So Elastic, My Type Of Party, Gold alpinas, and Lately >>>> Then your favorite multi syllable rhymes about secret illuminati meetings with alien cyborgs in hidden cities with military bases under the bermuda triangle. I like that lyrical shit too but not all day everyday. Just saying

  • crimepays

    he doesn’t put that much effort into most of songs which doesnt work for him. like some of his old material though

  • This shit tough!

  • 3much4thesehoes


  • cake1991

    wow…Im so disappointed. He fucked up a lot of good beats. Lately & my type of party was AIGHT. the rest was so bad.