D-WHY - Crave You

Don't Flatter Yourself, coming soon.

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  • jacob

    i wanted to sample this song and this... this dude sucks and now im mad!!!

  • RealNess

    Never post this dude again Mek, it's worse than you posting Wakka.

  • Killmatic

    that song was already sampled... by FKi on the Transformers In The Hood tape.. with better results then this piece of trash here..
    D-Why do you don't get a day job?

  • JD

    ^ Coz ppl fuck with him & it makes you mad. This wasn't his best though, not good at all.

  • JXN

    Hoodie Allen also sampled it on Pep Rally. I prefer Hoodie's version but this is pretty good. I'm pumped for Don't Flatter Yourself

  • +exas

    I fuck with this. Not his best but the sound is pretty good for the summer.

  • joey

    wack, dude is corny as fuck


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