Iggy Azalea - Million Dollar Misfits f. T.I. & B.o.B

Iggy grabs Tip and Bobby Ray for the latest single off her upcoming Glory EP.

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  • smoke

    this is such a weak track. everyone is just so awful on this track.

  • Thinker

    lookin like a pre-gangbang pic up there

  • Thinker

    and Azealia lookin more manly then Drake too. LMAO

  • ‘rfojh’reojv

    once i heard the bob autotune i had to press pause.

  • Rozko

    I just can't fuck wit her....."My World" was alright but everything else is mediocre....especially these T.I. tracks...they seem so forced.

  • fghju7yhg

    B.o.B is the only one who killed this track ... iggy is trash

  • Swerve

    LMAOOOO @Thinker

  • Your Mom

    This song is forced.

  • t.bigums

    TI failed on the Iggy project

  • factormax

    @thinker, god damn that funny.

  • Your Average Jet

    @Thinker LOL!

  • Rick

    She's terrible!!!! More Hilltop Hoods & Jay Daniels. Those are good Aussie artists!!

  • M-P

    Ya'll h8n this track FIRE-what crew of dudes could get a pasty chic soundin' like she from Old National? Cuz datz how Iggy Azalea was sounding (and oh dis is international recruitment ladies & gents) with decent bars... H.U.S.T.L.E. GANG got something LETS GO!!!!

  • llllel

    Drake got a really punchable face

  • whooty

    gotta agree with the forced comment. She was really interesting when she first came. But after the Asap rocky rumors *hate* the grand hustle signing and these shitty song sum1 just needs to coco this bitch

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    I give up...

  • lego

    i fuck with this track. all 3 killed the hook too

  • $$$

    She looks like she should be in Reboot.

  • Boussa

    What the fuck is happening to Hip-hop?!!!!


    b.o.b. goes on this shit verse wise. chorus is stupid n t.i. fell the fuck off. iggy fake as fuck too. but that nigga bobby went in

  • travmaster G

    Only Bob was good. TI was crap, Iggy was crap. Wtf is this?
    What the hell is that stupid voice TI is doing?

  • kkfhjkds

    this song fly cuz the beat...so i wouldnt be suprised if it got burn..its cool nd the beat is so difficult to flow on give em they props


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