Saturday Night Sexy: Dollicia Bryan

blame it on Illy June 23, 2012

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The curvaceous vixen Dollicia Bryan is tonight’s Saturday Night Sexy and if you’re wondering where you’ve seen her voluptuous body before, she rode shotgun with Rick Ross in DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” music video and most recently, Pusha T’s “My God.” More of Dollicia under the cut.

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  • DatGuy

    I think she’s the baddest one yet, but what is up with the bones above her eyes??? There just bulging out… \_(o_o)_/

  • fat fuck fred

    wow yaw chose this ugly animal.if u gonna do video vixens put bria myles theres way better than rather see a flat booty skinny model than this. just because she got a fatass and tits and contacts dnt make her sexy.lil bow wow hit tht u knw she whackkked.even scumbag scott think she ugly rite bro?

  • who cares

    Why does it look like a different chick in every pic?

  • Face is kinda ehhh but id eat that ass like it was my last meal on deathrow. Now for the REAL scotty to come thru and shut this shit down.

  • brite

    The Bitch looks different in every single picture, shit in some she looks an entire different race.

    This is the worst one yet.

  • You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

    Y’all need to get Lil Wayne’s broad from the I’m On One video.

  • db314


  • Thinker

    thatd be dope banging a different girl every night, knowing its the same chick. never get tired of fucking that ass. the truth is that i think she was skinny before (seen this chick pictures few years before) and she gained some weight. not bad now but she was tight back then

  • meh

    too much photoshop. disgusting


    The Bitch looks different in every single picture, shit in some she looks an entire different race.
    This is the worst one yet.

    What he said.

  • The best pic was her in black in white

  • louislagerfeld

    I agree she looks different in every pic, but I’m not sitting here and complaining. She’s the baddest one yall posted yet, now where’s Scott to shut shit down?

  • QBN

    Naw.. too fake, fake hair, eyes, titties and probably ass too..

  • james

    Man, 2dope would be better off just skipping the whole “here’s my bestest favorite video hoe” weekly. Funk Flex’s blog posts more consistent eyecandy than I’ve seen on here, and that’s saying alot, FMF’s blog is pretty weak/rehashed.

  • Verse1ne

    She has all the attributes of a pretty women (light skin, nice ass, big tits, etc.) Too bad she fuck it up by photoshopping and contacts.

    If i had the time i could make Keisha Cole mom look good too with photoshop.

  • phunk

    i wanns suck her feet, then let her rub them bad boys all over my face

  • BenDoughVA

    Ugly bitch! Face looks like a zombie, plastic tits…

  • BenDoughVA

    Whoever think she the best yet has no f*ckin taste! Take a look at Shantel Jackson, she’s fine as hell!

  • onlytheflyest

    bad bitch

  • Her body is dope BUT her eyes!? Beautiful.

  • MusicHead

    Bianca Holland… look her up

  • John

    Should model for THE BIG OCTOBER CLOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i know your mama

    all you guys are gay. id tap that and you would too

  • AJ

    Im sorry tho if her best picture is in black and white she dont got it like prev SNS