• F A C T

    Next question Kelis...
    What the fuck is that hanging off your nose?

  • http://twitter.com/SneakGeek Tre

    I think it's dope that she was able to be objective about it even though it was clearly about her.

  • http://basicnerf.wordpress.com Vigilante

    Lame, I was expecting her to give a more personal answer to them, but if she doesn't wanna talk about it, it's fine.

  • dave

    kelis still fine.ill smash idk bout wife.if nas dipped gotta be something cuz thats a conscious smart nigga lol

  • Scourge McFuck

    hey kelis... if you are touring so much why does nas have to pay a month what i make a year in alimony!!!??

  • david

    dress was green coz she was with him for the money

  • flo

    this girls a cunt LOL

  • SheNa$ty

    Touring with their young boy for the last year? Probably why she's robbing her baby daddy

  • fastflipper

    kelis = fail

  • LupeX

    Nas' album title 'Life is Good' is on point. U know u doing good when yur eX is looking worse without u. Damn, she fell tha fukc off! She looks hella haggard!

  • Mike

    Glad she responded the right way and not disrespectful, and I'm glad she isn't making music, thank you!

  • d-bo

    Fuck this bitch