• rickyfan

    Eagerly anticipating this.... Shouts to Ricky Shabazz!

  • https://twitter.com/DeadmanLowell Jonathan Lowell

    Line-up on here is crazy! Shout-out to Charmingly Ghetto and Sene. Definitely gonna be bumping this.

  • Inventor of Mudducking

    I'm going to play this for my unborn child inside of my wife's womb so he can grow up to be a boom bap boy!

  • esbee

    Start sucking and fucking me now before I die! Free Shabazz!

  • giftedunlimited

    DAMN that last track is crazy tho... whole project pretty solid

  • Busybee


  • B

    DOWNLOAD DOESN'T WORK. new link please.

  • sf

    links down

  • MLbeatz

    ANDREW MILICIA X BEATZ!!! hell yeahh that track is the shit!!

  • Tecboy

    Ahh... just what my soul needed! thx fellaz!

  • http://www.frontroweats.com Front Row Eats

    Front to Back solid like a slice of provolone

  • frankie

    this is dope as hell. falside, soul khan, sandman, juan deuce, doss the artist, sene...bawss

  • http://Www.twitter.com/richardk1ng K1NG

    That J57 beat is next level.

    solid compilation all around.