Drake Previews New Music While Smoking a Hookah (Video)

blame it on Illy June 26, 2012

Khalil Mamoon in particular.

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  • JohnnyBoy

    Nice smoke trick drizzy, But regarding the preview of that track, it sounds like drake will be putting out more simp music. Do you tho bruh

  • YOYO

    This is dumb. Is this really news? WACK WACK WACK

  • vaq

    Rappers posting videos always gotta have a smoke to look COOL

    Drake imma tell your white rich posh jewish mother

  • Hahahaha! Did you find this clip on

  • 3much4thesehoes

    Why do niggas want drake to put out gangster music? Know he aint gangsters just so they can try to clown and say hes fake? Knowing u aint hard either?


  • ATF

    “What i get for a feature I wouldn’t fuck with me either” Drizzy stay talking that shit. Thats whats up. Dude is successful and has bars. Haters gonna hate.


  • ..damn

    Why do people hate him when he puts out “hard” music AND hate him when he puts out “bitch” music? I swear dude can’t win. People just love to hate

  • Niggas stay saying that drake isn’t “gangster” but tell me what rapper is? and how is he trying to be gangster? When I listen to drake he talks about nothing except shit he knows and I been listening to him since comeback season. He said nothing about Trapping, murdering, or jail time in this verse so what about it is him pretending to be gangster? He’s a RAPPER! He started out as A RAPPER even before he started singing in his own song so any time he makes a song where he isn’t singing doesn’t mean he’s trying to be Hard Dumb ass niggas!!!! And I hope you herd and understood the last line Your fucking opinion is irrelevant! And just cause he’s smoking hookah dopiest mean he’s trying to look cool and I bet it’s not a problem when you see your favourite rapper rolling blunts and shit.

  • Joe

    why does everyone try to label him a rapper or r and b or anything… hes does his own shit he does what he want to do and makes what he wants to make… i dont see one other artist rapping and singing excluding nicki minaj…

  • brian

    that was awkward to watch. who sits around by themselves smoking a hookah and blowing smoke rings like it’s some kind of amazing trick?!?!

  • 3much4thesehoes

    Same niggas calling drake soft is the niggas tryna bump waka while taking a bitch down instead of some marvin or barry, fake wanna be gangsters who aint got a lick of sense. Drake is good, and all you can come up with is hes soft? yall catching feelings. Lol homo thugs.

  • TiredOfStupidity

    Based on these comments, people are so fucking stupid that I’m sad. All of a sudden niggas are the ‘Cool Police’ and well-renowned music critics. & niggas kill me with the gangsta-o-meter. Shut yo simple ass up. If niggas ain’t screaming ‘Thug Life’ it ain’t right? Stupid niggas.

  • Mike Tomlin

    ^^ Pusha T told em to think that way. So they do.

  • Nito

    That’s tight that his label lets him make the type of music he wants. signing to Wayne was a good Idea. Ponder this… If lupe would sign to Wayne, we would have gotten a better album than the last shit he dropped with all those poppy ass beats. Although I ain’t a Wayne fan, it’s cool how he lets his artist do the type of music they want like tyga and drake. it’s up to them to stay relevant, if they flop it’s there fault like that dude jay Sean he dropped off hard.

  • Homie don’t play that

    All you niggas are gay and drake is a fag, It’s not bad making hoe music but cmon fam 24/7 365. He is a rap singy song ass nigga. It’s cool if you like him it’s just the bitch in you and its all good.

  • Yalpnug

    @ Kierra Johnson – who’s gangsta you ask? Project Pat & Juicy J.

    Drake is wack. Seen him walking around with multiple body guards nowadays? He know he’s in over his head in this rap game trying to swim with the sharks.

  • stupidpeople

    this rap game isnt what it used to be !!! whether u like it or not.. gangsta rap is dead and there is no point in being a hard ass nigga. let dude do his thing, hes grindin harder than a lot of people right now.. this nigga didnt grow up in the hood, he was a tv star… why should he change what he talks about and lie just for you ?

  • nuff

    fuck this fag young money ruined hip hop so badly fuck them all
    Drake who the hell told u

  • what

    drake is a rapper? fuck outta here son


    @Homie….. why do you hate so hard? it sounds like drake fucked you and never called you back. I’d love to see your wack ass playlist. I’d make music for bitches too, why would I want groupie niggas.

  • Shisha

    WEST SIDE said it best, all you hating ass niggas sound like drake fucked yall and never called you back hahahha

  • RealNigga

    “I could care less about respect from niggas I never met.” well damn, there you have it. Drake is one of the top rappers, you can hate him as much as you want he’s still gonna get his ring, on some lebron shit.

  • LastLaugh

    If I was 25 sitting on 25 mill and dudes were calling me soft im not sure I would care. haha

  • LMAO

    at least wait till the song comes out? lol, then again, nobody gives a fuck what you like or dont like.

  • Maga D

    Lol. As if using a hookah gives you a tougher image. Aubrey stays losin.

  • milly

    hookah? rlly drizzy? fucking we know u smoke hookah stop broadcasting it like its cool cause its pretty soft

  • @Yalpnug I would have a response but Westside ,Tiredofstupidity,Stupidpeople and others pretty much said It all Im not one for repetition so just read their comments…Rapper, Fast talker, whatever you want to call it Drake is Good at being it and making more money then most you will ever see

  • Ric Flair

    @maga D, you think aubreys losing? haha winning must be foriegn to you.

  • A-Gon

    lmao yall critics have nothing else better do to, just SHUT THE FUCK UP and let the nigga do what he does. he is making way more money then us so at least respect him cuase half of yall are broke ass people and just wishing yall had this life. Quit being jealous.

  • Phil

    @ A-Gon, You’re right ! Niggas are too jealous of someone’s success whereas they were FORMER FANS and now they hate just because it’s Drake. Whatever, this preview sounds good it’s good that YM let him have his own style. it’s like Stalley and MMMG. I wonder if these niggas will hate that much on Kendrick when he’ll be succesful lol

  • A-Gon

    im 15 and i know more music than you idiots. we arent in the music business ppl. we dont know how music truly works. we dont know how to make instrumentals, the beats, the lyrics, the chorus or anything like that. we are just ppl who listen and love or hate the music. so quit being pussies and understand that you cant critize music if you dont know how music really works.

  • While everyone else is bullshitting, the actual song sounds hard. Drake is better than most people give credit for. Working with 40 doesn’t hurt either.

  • A-Gon

    heck yeah this song goes hard! the beat is so smooth. it’s just so chill and relaxing. im glad he has 40. that dude is my inspirtation. he lends drake his soulful smooth classic beats, and drake just get’s to tell his life or his experiences in it.

  • FuckU

    I want this track for real that beat is some smokers shit. To everyone sayong wtf is he smoking a hookah in the video for, he says in the song “Laid back puffin shisha”. Only seems appropriate he would have it in the vid.

  • krow132

    He was ripping that song btw. I can care less whether he makes gangster music or not, that nigga can spit better than alot of niggas yall dickride too

  • krow132

    lol at how smoking hookah is soft? lol, yall are fucking corny man. do yall wake up everyday and before you do an activity contemplate on how hard it is. or even better, pull out a “soft vs hard” meter, test it and if it isnt bordeline hard dont do it? lol

  • krow132

    -“lets go hang out with some females and smoke hookah”
    -“nah dawg, that shit aint hard enough. Lets just stand here and mean mug” lmao. smh corny niggas

  • Heisenberg

    ^I didn’t see any females. I saw a tool, sitting at a desk, trying to look cool blowing smoke rings like a high-schooler. And then I realized that the tool sitting at the desk thought he looked so cool right there that he decided to videotape it and post it online so his fans could check out his SWEET rings. And THEN I realized that there were pathetic little fanboys like you that would actually watch the video and think “man, that guy is cool”.

    And then you arrived. Just in time.

  • A-Gon

    shuuuuut the fuuuuuck upppp bro, you just jealous that this nigga is doing what he loves and you can’t do shit about. i swear so many ppl critize any person becuase, THEY ARE JEALOUS like you low lifes over here.

  • A-Gon

    im talking about you @Heisenberg

  • 2

    this was 2 hardcore for me to be honest

  • I fucks with all yall who just support drake for being himself and understand it’s not a soft vs. hard thing lol you guys are making way more sense then the drake haters. They’re ready to sit behind a computer screen and critic but in actuality are probably big pussies themselves.

  • I fucks with all yall who just support drake for being himself and understand it’s not a soft vs. hard thing lol you guys are making way more sense then the drake haters. They’re ready to sit behind a computer screen and critic but in actuality are probably big pussies themselves. Drake is good his beats are good and his pockets are lined. Those three things cant be denied to him

  • SwizZ

    So this video is of him blowing baby ass smoke rings smoking shisha while playing a snippet of a song rapping about smoking shisha oh boy the coffee shops are gonna explode with Drake stans now lol