• VanDUTCH_

    they're too real . .

  • Bankreau

    They still underrated...TGTC

  • jb

    Fly . Dot U
    Where dreams come true.
    This guys deserve to blow!

  • Yaknow

    My favorite crew out next to Tiron & Ayomari

  • macturnal

    never on schedule, always on time... Fly. Dot U

  • $$$

    The versatility of each of these dudes and the variety between each individual track is fantastic.

  • Gunner stalker

    Two9 x TGTC

  • http://Beats4Kings.com BaBy-B

    IDK why ppl be sleepin' on Fly Union. They Killin' it even produced a hard ass beat on Dom's Yellow Album

  • skillzmanifest

    Fly Union All Fucking Day! Shout out to Ohio!

  • Jay Jones

    I love the FLY dot U
    They will meet their HOUR, keep on delivering.
    Kanye should have noticed already...

  • t.bigums

    #7 is that shit!!!

  • IWise

    WHen are they going to release that song they have with Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q

  • Blackaristocrat

    Been banging this since last night. What happened to TGTC 2 though?

  • allan


  • SuckafreeMD

    im not even the type to leave messages. FLY U ALL DAY

  • http://www.VegasSTreats.com DJZO

    FLY DOT U!!