Gerald Walker – Can’t Have It All At Once

blame it on Meka June 26, 2012

Fresh from his last release Believers Never Die Gerald drops this new cut. Someone needs to sign this guy already…

DOWNLOAD: Gerald Walker – Can’t Have It All At Once

  • he just keeps getting better. and he speaks TRUTH! respect from the 301

  • Leonel

    Werd I agree with you completely he is definitely one of the better up and coming artists

  • legendaryDOM


  • killer

    Hes dope but he sounds too much like J. Cole

  • jamie

    i cant take this nicca serious,copys too manys styles

  • RSX

    ooooh s/o to Pill ooooh

  • JoniDonald

    Lovin It. Keep it coming.5 years plus. Don’t worry about Haters, who can’t even write a sentence. BELIEVERS NEVER DIE!! Stay focus.

  • nerds

    new link why do you have to sign into twitter

  • Gerald = Instant download