• http://twitter.com/geeno Geeno

    he just keeps getting better. and he speaks TRUTH! respect from the 301

  • Leonel

    Werd I agree with you completely he is definitely one of the better up and coming artists

  • legendaryDOM


  • killer

    Hes dope but he sounds too much like J. Cole

  • jamie

    i cant take this nicca serious,copys too manys styles

  • RSX

    ooooh s/o to Pill ooooh

  • JoniDonald

    Lovin It. Keep it coming.5 years plus. Don't worry about Haters, who can't even write a sentence. BELIEVERS NEVER DIE!! Stay focus.

  • nerds

    new link why do you have to sign into twitter

  • http://www.imdatdude.com fulltimeboss

    Gerald = Instant download

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