Jared Evan – 4th Chapter (FreEP)

blame it on Meka June 26, 2012

Jared’s “debut EP album” has finally arrived, where he rides solo over production from !llmind, Ill Factor and his own hand. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Jared Evan – 4th Chapter (FreEP)

  • jay_charles

    it’s time.!! been waitin on this

  • Danny

    Hot fire. S.o ill mind and jared they do amazing shit

  • Killer


  • jesse_k

    Great project. Great work Jared, ILLmind and ill factor

  • septemmember

    Been followin him for a while he very good, dope

  • Gibbs


  • emcee

    G’d Up

  • Mike

    Gonna sound good

  • johnnyboy

    This is terrible

  • polo150

    dope as shyt

  • WhoIsThisGuy

    johnnyboy…everyone is entitled to their opinion…even you. peace and love, peace and love

  • WhoIsThisGuy

    This is a classic…in the category of College Dropout, So Far Gone…it’s that good. Very personal, great melodies, unbelievable production, the kid is the real deal. Shout out to illMind and illFactor and to Jared’s mom for inspiring him and giving him the love and support to instill the confidence to make music this great!

  • fuck


  • johnnyboy

    @WhoIsThisGuy thanks for not being a dick. I just do not like it but hey I respect that others do

  • Short-T

    Never-mind it’s at the end of Chapter 4. This is a good EP.

  • wow this is legit

  • realtalk©

    Finally.. I’d already heard Traffic Light and Kill Me and loved those..

    This EP is amazing.. let’s hope he doesn’t go too mainstream and switch his style up too much, really liking this Hip Hop/Soul/Pop hybrid..

  • raycharles82

    ^^ CHURCH he has like a soul/hip hop/alternative pop lane. HE’s uniQue

  • WhoIsThisGuy

    Johnnyboy…imagine for a minute that every lyric in letters, one good thing, october 10, yesterday today & tomorrow, charle brown and it’s over are true and come from a place that millions of people live everyday,if you love music, you have to love THIS music and if you don’t , then I feel sorry for you…you don’t know what you are missing. Give it another try, and open your heart…you will be glad you did.

  • johnnyboy

    @WhoIsThisGuy…I played it a couple more times and I can feel it now. I like the fusion of genres for sure

  • WhoIsThisGuy

    Johhnyboy…cool. You got something for me to check out? Which artist are you really feeling now?

  • esQuire

    classic project

  • Marcus

    ill ill ill ill ill ill ill ill ill

  • allan

    Classic work man shit

  • pros2ill

    Jared Evan – Falling Down, Miracle, Not Tonight.. & a bunch of shit of radio in my head have made me a fan of this guy. Word to ya mother. @pros2ill