Maybach Music Group – Power Circle f. Kendrick Lamar (Video)

blame it on Illy June 26, 2012

MMG Presents Self Made 2 in stores now.

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  • JohnP

    MMG is going hard on the internet promo as always they must spend lots of money on all these things their doing which means they wont be making much money from sales and it was a good move to put this out today with the Kendrick Lamar feature

    I downloaded the album for free and take it for what it is ENTERTAINMENT and refuse to give my money to that imposter

  • Thinker

    ^^^^ if ever there was a bigger fucking hater, youll find him/her on this site.

  • Pablo

    Did they really give a close up of Rick Ross’ stretch mark @ 8:07?

  • getatme

    what makes a nigga go on the internet and claim they know somebody enough to call them an “imposter”? niggas nowadays need to chill out with all the hate they spread on these sites

  • SirAnomaly

    No one went as hard as they should have

  • CecilRhodez

    I really have nothing against Rozay or anyone who has anything against him, like JohnP you won’t catch me supporting him, but I copped Power Circle because K’s verse is mad dope. I will say one thing though, Rozay needs to lose weight if he plans to last more than a year that dudes on a fast track to Big Pun’s level, without the flow and realness.

  • me high on a bongo

    I don’t give a shit about Ricky The Officer, or any of his MMG farse-cum-crap-cum-pop-cum-shit music that’s worth less than a five cent hooker and stinks more than herpes invested nutshot, I just skipped straight to Kendrick… so… yeah, it’s aight…

  • Flip

    Another reason mmg running the game, Cuz you niggas on catch up

  • “Did they really give a close up of Rick Ross’ stretch mark @ 8:07?”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA naaahhhhh you did not just say that lmfao! niggaz are tryna kill me out here with them type of comments.

  • Verse1ne

    I doubt MJ would have said Light Up for him… don’t know MiJac that well but I don’t think he would’ve co-signed that…

    I like how people assume what dead folks would say if they were there.

  • ijdgaf


  • Grrimey

    Beside All the MMG going on ill talk about that song. The song wasnt bad at least they were rapping ( it may not be super deep, which is what everyone here cares about) but at least it was better than chorus filled hip-pop.

  • lo hoe

    dum niggaz dont realize lil wayne is kendricks idol

  • Timothy

    Who bought this garbage…Ill wait….


  • onlytheflyest


  • dave

    mmg was at alife club today.i seen all the crowds outside people with chains and shit.i was like asap mob here they said no mmg i left like i aint hear nothing. no reason nobody buy whackass alife clothes they have no taste.stalley the only dope one.and french is entertaining with his adlibs.wale lost his soul.meek is repetive.ross a fake.pill who?omarion is a faggot.i heard nopsey hussle or dom kennedy might be signing to mmg tho.i hope dom really dont go.but nipsey wud fit good since he street.

  • What u say?

    “nipsey wud fit good since he street.”
    Implying MMG is street
    In turn implying the members of MMG are street, including Rick Ross
    “ross a fake”
    But according to your logic, Ross is street sooo…

  • came here for kendrick and stalley and thats it



  • just saying

    “too much cake”
    only true statement i’ve ever hear rozay say..dude needs a diet

  • Akid

    Mad people hating I mean critiquing on here haha. And to the first comment by @JohnP they are not spending a lot of money on internet promotion. The video quality was sub-par, the editing choppy and the additional footages from other music videos (kendrick) cost zilch. Rick Ross is a smart marketer or his team is. ANd you can’t knock the hustle dude still picks dope ass beats and gots a strong unit with him that covers a lot of fan base. Smart money makes more money….

  • whatitdew

    just stopping in for the kendrick verse.

  • somebody

    i like how they pretend stalley is good as them.

  • FredRico

    At this level of quality (all rappers did great on yet another amazing beat coming from Maybach Music), it’s irrelevant who did better. Some highlight Kendrick, who’s ridiculously dope, as if that’s hurting MMG, but look at the video – Ross is rapping along those sick Lamar words. It’s all respect and recognition. MMG’s work ethic is unparalleled with other crews in hip hop, consistently showcasing all members and letting their talent and pure passion reach us through lyrics and delivery.

  • kendrick flow was dope atleast

  • Malcyvelli

    Im glad im not the only fucking person that thinks meek is repetitve, im not gonna say i dont enjoy his music whatsoever but i do think people give his ass too mich credit but i def fucks withem, and stalley leaves me more and more unimpressed the more i hearem spit, ross does spend a good amount on promo, he bought that XXL cover, not to mention, someone as whack as him doesnt grab the cover twice within 8 months of each issue without dollars being put up, he buys that shit, wale isnt wale anymore, everybody knows that but he did save his career by getting with ross, i cant faultem for that, i havent fucked mmg since day 1 but i will givem credit and say that self made 2 does sound like a big ass improvement from that 1st garbage ass album they dropped

  • Leonel

    Where is all the Kendrick Lamar footage? I understand that it’s all about MMG for them but show the dude who is flowing and not all this random footage.