DJ Khaled – I Wish You Would f. Kanye West & Rick Ross (prod. Hit-Boy)

blame it on Shake June 27, 2012

Kiss The Ring, August 21st. Shouts to Khaled himself.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Khaled – I Wish You Would f. Kanye West & Rick Ross (prod. Hit-Boy)

  • twoface

    this collab seems fake to me..dig the song, but just have a weird vibe about 808s kanye working with khaled and ross.

  • AD

    wtf is this……. is kanye done or what?

  • dEt0X2010

    hahahahahahahaha this is some wack ass shit wow, they need to step there game up wtf are they thinking???
    no one can look cool while listening to this wack ass shit lol

  • “Is Kanye done”= worst question of the week. Let’s not act like this is the first Khaled/Kanye song. And I don’t mean Cold. There’s been others.


    sounds old as hell… aint nothing special

  • valence

    I don’t get it. What part of this is “DJ Khaled”? The production and verses are covered. What did Khaled do?
    Also, what’s the point of a dj hosted mixtape? Why do the artists let these “djs” yell all over their music?

  • grapedrank

    kanye’s verse does sound really old, never the less i’ll be hearing this on the radio nonstop im sure for the rest of the summer.

  • AD

    Matter of fact KANYE IS DONE!!…. he aint spit nothing real since, black exellence. everything is whack but hey ppl change.

  • Thinker

    This shit is MEANNNN!!!!!! Funny to hear Rozay imitating chubacca on his verse tho hahaha. Dudes killed it on here!!!

  • thefancyclown


  • So if Hit-Boy Produced it, what did Khaled do????

  • 93

    The 3rd verse was the best part of the song nothing special tho

  • me high on a bongo

    KANYE HAS BEEN DONE FOR A WHILE… Jay murked him on the Throne with his Blueprint 3 flow (which doesn’t even compare to Black Album or Blueprint 1 Hov)… just waiting for the hype to end and all y’all niggas to wake up…

  • Grandaddy

    What are y’all talking about, Kanye killed this!

  • 93′ Till…

    Kanye’s part is prolly a throwaway circa “Go Hard”

  • GEW

    this always happens. nigas say kanye is done based on feature songs in between solo albums. then he drops his solo shit and outshines the entire industry. happens every time

  • JaySole

    Kanye has been done ever since his mother past away..I miss the old Kanye.

    This song is whack. Sounds like a throw away track.


    Kanye is done? The guy has never put out a bad album. he’s the best rapper out, point blank period.


    @jaySole…. you sir are a fucking moron. have you heard of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy? classic

  • Chris

    @West Side

    RAPPER? Hell no. Entertainer? Maybe. I could name plenty people out who are better at rapping though. You sound stupid for even saying that.



  • xyz123

    Kanye is the greatest Hip-Hop artist of all Time… Period. Not the best MC, but the best Artist EVER.

  • Chicago

    Khaled fuckin up this track. “IM SO SERIOUS! POP YO SHIT YEEZY! WTF, who says that shit. This track goes hard though

  • randy

    I really can’t argue with that

  • TheDon

    Who is Ross kidding, he can’t fit into a Lotus…

  • buccimane

    Lmao^ can definitely not fit into a Lotus.

    But, Kanye, done? Went off on Theraflu, all other songs been good music songs where he has clearly been promoting his other artists. Theres a new pusha song with him comin out soon, maybe he ll go off on that too

  • Yorrick

    this shit is awesome

  • jwiii

    i like it but part of the intro reminds me of game’s red nation


    @Chris…hip hop belongs to kanye. ok sure kendrick is a better rapper, blah, blah,blah. Lebron is better than kobe but whos got the rings?

  • asdfasdfasf


  • Jules

    I wonder how many people thought “No I wish YOU would, you bitchass” when they read the title. Am I wrong?

  • gregory kruxx

    This Shits Hard. And Just cause Kanye doing something a lil different dont mean hes done you fake fucks. Wow…so much hatin on this site. Ross killed it

  • sounds like put on part two gone wrong. The reason put on worked cause you had a real street nig in Jeezy on the song won’t work with big titty rozay luz in a day or two there will be two titty bois on here lol. Honestly im glad it was a pile of dog crap sux when DJ im the worst gets his hands on a real banger and you have to wait for a version without him on it sayin im the worst over and over.

    And kanye isn’t done by any means fools. Him and gay-z have many a butt pirate adventure planned for you sheep gay-z still has a bar or two left he hasnt jacked from big lol. :D Plus kanye is gonna have a melt down soon as kim finds out he really does like fish dicks and of course hes gonna share it with the world LuLz

  • the rap bandit

    Laughing at Ross can’t in a Lotus

  • chef

    surprised no one else noticed the wookie sounds rick ross was making

  • me high on a bongo

    Fuck! I knew that 2dope was full of kool aid drinking motherfuckers, but I didn’t y’all niggas were the official Kanye dick riders. Anyone who says that Kanye is a rapper doesn’t know/understand the craft. To say that he’s bigger than Nas, Biggie or Pac (and I’m not one of the old cats, I’m 16 and I know that Ye is at the bottom of the list of the greatest rappers, if he’s even on it). I mean, I’ve never him spit fire like NY State Of Mind, or Hail Mary, or Gimme The Loot… Never have and prolly by this point never will.

    Kanye is a good entertainer, he’s on a Rick Ross level of artistry because he talks about fake and stupid shit… If you say he’s the best producer in the game, I’ll agree, if you say he’s the best artist in the game, I’ll say aight and point out a number of artists that were potentially better than him, now if you call him one of the best rappers in the history of the craft, then I’ll tell you to go fuck yourself…

  • ewlkj

    @me on a bango

    no one said he was the best rapper. but best artist? to me there’s no debating

  • I really don’t like the recent direction Kanye has been going in music wise. Its just not the Kanye I became a fan of.

  • Pimp Game Proper

    F-ck Khaled. Has one of them faces you just wanna back hand! Ka-Blaow!

  • CoolCat

    Kanye is in my top 10 the nigga has yet to put out a bad album. this song however is ass and kanye sounds mad mediocre. nobody is claiming otherwise

  • me high on a bongo

    @ ewlkj

    Just read some of the earlier comments, niggas are saying he’s the best rapper out…

  • Thank Me

    808s and Heartbreak was trash and this sorry excuse for a track brings back haunting memories of that atrocious waste of 50mins.

  • JReezy

    Wack Kanye verse? Nothing new there.


    Khaled Duckfacing

  • yourfavoritetrappersfavoritetrapper

    @lyniv I agree

  • 5%

    fuck everyone who hates kanye. yall some muthafuckin daydreamers

  • 3much4thesehoes

    kanye top 5 rappers doa

  • (l,k)

    if everyone strived to be as good as janye hip hop would be in a much better place. lets be real lol

  • Matt

    Kanye is dope at the end of the day and is up there with the best , not every verse has to be clever. Kanye coming in changed the game. Dont forget that. But then again this website is full of close-minded people.