Shyne – Bridges (BTS Video)

blame it on Meka June 28, 2012

Shyne is dropping a new music video soon… enjoy?

  • jedi

    looks like the well versed forgot someone on their ruined legacy list

  • This bothers me a little bit.

  • @heavymayn

    ok so Shyne havin ppl co-writing with him now? I bet so he can spread the blame on who keep providing this shitty music, someone needa shut off his power supply or Shyne’s access to the internet lol

  • CosbySweater

    *scratches head* um… I dont know what to say, I mean… the music was just bad, just bad man and his jewish friends look mad corny. Do jewish people even accept this guy as one of their own?? I know its not totally their decision but this feels weird..

  • mike

    this is all types of fuckery!

  • Brendon basicksdope

    Yooo forgetting ol’ boy did a good bid..I believe the righteous thing to do would be to come out a better more evolved man/person..I see nothing but respect for shyne these days, he came out a better person for himself. not for you. Which you (all of us) should be happy

  • kelvin izz a

    he looks like pai mei and morpheous.. at tha same damn time..

  • CosbySweater

    @ Brendon

    you right son. true dat, he is better for him and one can hate on that.

  • C-los

    He’s crazy… he’s crazy. Not even Johnnie Cochran can argue against it. “Better man”, “Better person”. Yeah that sounds nice, but look at em. That doesn’t look sane. He looks lost

  • R

    Shyne is on that Borat type shit you cant even make this shit up!

  • bkky

    Pusha T said it best.

    Rap shit’ll drive you crazy, it done drove Shyne Jew

  • Jules

    Shyne went from rapping and waving guns to rapping and waving a Menorah. And that guy playing the electric-guitar? This could be the worse piece of music he’s ever released. The whole thing looks like a Jewish Community Center-project, no disrespect but c’mon. I applaud the man for using the time behind bars for something as constructive as trying to find himself. And in some ways he’s actually really brave, I really think he’s passionate about the music. But at the end of the day the quality is too poor and he really should’ve left rap alone period after his first album. And even that one is ok at best. The man has no legacy to ruin, when it comes to dignity however, that’s another story.

  • anonymous poseur

    shyne’s beard LOOOL

  • James

    this looks so stupid . Its always about boohoo look at us jews .