• Cali760

    Track was dope to me. A fucking SAP!

  • http://2dopeboyz.com Rvidxr Klvn

    I liked it also go figure.... #swag

  • https://twitter.com/#!/bobburgundy Burgundy85

    "Freestyled" or not, homie calling his own craft garbage

  • Shane

    I also liked this track but I can definitely appreciate him only wanting to release the best he seems like a perfectionist

  • Thinker

    smfh at this nigga up here ^^^^ you take the one statement u wanted to see and run with it.

  • Thinker


  • leefx

    Good thing I recorded it and saved it... if anyone wants a download link hit me up @leeswagerty on twitter

    (recorded from the web @ MP3 V0 (198kbps) using Audio HiJack Pro)

  • John

    So Rocky pulls the track off The Kickdrums mixtape the DAY OF RELEASE and then has the balls to say "fuck them" when he doesn't even have proof that they leaked it.........

  • http://www.vimeo.com/user677428/videos Chi2LA23

    @ John

    That's what I've been thinking. Man I like Rocky's music, but as of lately he's acting like a bitch to people that help his career. The money and the fame is bringing out that "PMF" hahaha

  • DSaff

    Quite frankly, if it was leaked, he has the right to be pissed. If anything, it just shows that he is willing to not deal with all of the BS involved.

  • AQ

    The track was dope to me, but ASAP saying "THE KICK DRUMS CAN SUCK MY DICK..FUCK THE KICK DRUMS" that's the shit I DON'T LIKE.

  • fuckthekickdrumsyeason

    Track is dope, but you can tell it's unfinished.

    Blame the Internet, Asap. Blame the Internet...

  • SOYsaucy

    He actin like dat "pu$$y muta fuka"to me rite now too much fame to da brain

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    Topless, white jeans and barefoot. #A$AP.fruity

  • BitchNIggasHating

    @TruthhurtsNigga you dumb as fuck son..

  • Xen

    I would kinda assume that A$AP Rocky and the Kick Drums are the only people with that particular copy of the song. I mean, it's apparently an old, obsolete version, so it's not exactly the kind of thing that you send out to a bunch of people. Having said that, since Lana Del Rey's video came out the day before, I might think to check with her people first.

    But as far as burning bridges? Man the Kick Drums ain't anything special. Go ahead and burn that bitch, and stop using their weak ass beats.

  • You Know

    I just hope he smashed that skany bitch Lana del Ray

  • iFloss

    He's a stupid nigga.. Why didn't he call them up then??? Instead of bashing em like a pussy; that's mad weak and wack

    I feel he's mad but damn broo, don't disrespect your producers call em up, see what's up, and then take it from there

  • daveg

    WOW I really can't stand this fake talent. Dude is HOR-RI-BLE!


    I like the fact that he said that it sucked because it instantly became on of my favorite ASAP songs and if he has something better than this then I WILL buy two albums.. I've never done that before but ASAP is just too raw..

  • ASAP Fruity

    ASAP Fruity was right, that song is garbage

  • FuckGDep

    A$AP - 5
    FreeGDep - 0

  • A Shitty Approach to Prosperity

    Yeah, the track was dope. All the goodness is gone now. That track should now be known as "Pussy Footin."

    Miscommunication or not, I thought the ASAP click was on their pimpin. Ain't no pimpin in simpin.

  • http://thingsididlastnight.com/ Shihaby

    Why does he type like a 12 year old girl with Down Syndrome?

  • http://www.twitter.com/noles506 Noles

    ^ LOL.. because he more than likely is at a 5th grade reading level...