Kathy Griffin Would “Pull A Train” w/ A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown (Video)

blame it on Meka June 29, 2012

The fact they played this in front of Anderson Cooper though… dying at this. Thanks, eskay.

  • lmaoooo…i always wondered how these celebrities would react if they heard the things rappers say about them

  • Lmao thats comedy.



  • Kevin Hart

    That’s fuckin hilarious.

  • Thinker

    Ya I’d fuck her too

  • SK

    hahaha that old lady in the crowd has a hella dissapointed look on her face

  • me high on a bongo

    Old white bitches are the best cuz they start off with small butts when they young, but as they grow old that shit only gets fleshier… I’m telling you, get ’em when they’re skinny and young and watch that ass bloat as they get old…

  • She said…..I’ll let them run a train

  • Banks.. Lloyd Azealia Tyra Carlton

    damn i didn’t know she was that sexy lmao and i’d actually go out of my way to watch whatever show this is if she gets Danny Brown and Rocky on it real shit

  • Fat man


    they was in Barcelona….

  • hollywood

    fcking hilarious

  • Mez

    That interview was fuckin hilarious.
    Now Danny looks a little less like a crackhead.

  • ewk

    @Banks.. Lloyd Azealia Tyra Carlton

    its sad how you need other niggas to define your own tastes for you. mr me too ass nigga

  • steve

    wow anderson cooper is racist as fuck huh, makes me sick

  • Mr. Truth

    @steve why’s he racist? because you think he is. fuck you with an aids dick.

  • swag

    ? he did just make numerous black jokes

  • no, he made numerous RAPPER jokes. Cmon, gangsta rap and 40’s are synonymous. Now, Anderson Cooper may not realize they’re synonymous, but I really think he was making rapper jokes, not black jokes. I can see how you’d get them mixed up because they’re so close, though

  • NoWuff

    She definitely just said she’s down for a train

  • RNS

    LMS if Low-key you’re trying to hit too

  • DC Live

    Ayo this shit got me in fuckin stitches right now, this actually made it to TV thats wild. The crazy shit is that I was just waiting for a shot to be thrown at Danny or Asap, but she played it cool. Kathy griffin is definitely fuckable though.

  • me high on a bongo

    FACT: Anderson Cooper is a racist KKK flag flying motherfucker… If you think different, then you should go to a Holiday Inn in Minneapolis and drown yourself in their pool…

  • AndersonTakesItInThePooper

    Anderson Cooper is sort of an asshole, yet he’s been in the closet since… well forever.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    But Anderson Cooper is a homosexual so what he say’s doesn’t really matter. “Got’em”. Can’t really say he “racist” though, He was out there heavy during that Haiti earthquake a few years back. I guess that counts for something.

  • SMH leave it to commenters to take a white woman saying she’d pull a train and turn it into a racial convo. This is why we can’t have nice things lol

  • Dwayne

    I wanna know who the other white women were on that couch with Anderson Cooper. The brunette can GET IT. Thats my tyoe of lady.

  • Lance Geneva

    Amazing how far Hip Hop has came.. But if Rocky hits, doesn’t that mean she has to fuck the whole ASAP Mob ?


    ^^^hahahahaha, good question… Funny how Kathy Griffin became one of the most fuckable women over 40 in rap in a night, and ASAP didn’t even know the bitch’s name…