OverDoz. – Lauren London (Video)

blame it on Meka June 29, 2012

Directed by CALMATIC

Something new from the Los Angeles hippies? Why not. What up Calmatic?

  • Fucking love their music. They’re like a modern day Pharcyde.

  • kingg

    damn didnt hear none about them since like 2010. these nigga are nice need more !!!

  • these guys are definitely under the radar. looking forward to the next project and this record is a great warmup to it

  • always got bad bitches in they videos.

  • LALowkey

    Imma stay fuckin w/ my niggas for sure…

  • Thinker

    seen Syd from OF in there. Dope too see CA artists fucking with each other. only way we can all get that money

  • GR

    These guys are annoying pests when it comes to marketing their music. Always trying to trick you into watching there videos with misleading links (kinda the same thing with that douche Azad Right). It’s a shame, cause they’re alright.

  • more jay, less war.

    THIS was a great song and video. I miss when Hip-Hop felt like this.

  • drew

    You rockin with the destos baby!

    Mizzle and Fred dumb as shit for not managing no more

  • Antyon

    THC killed this beat, anyone know when the new tape drops?

  • Mike

    Fuckin happy rap

  • j2fly

    what are you talking about bro you search there music and you get there music. no tricks. any way some dope shit as always from them

  • nickd

    its been a long time since live for, die for. they need to get at it! this is a good start but theyre bums

  • @nickd

    Bums? Live For, Die For came out last year. Just cause they aren’t releasing music every other month doesn’t make them bums.

  • GR


    Look at the unrealistic likes on this video….smh I rest my case. You know their crew pushing numbers around. I’ve also checked out “dl links” in the comment sections on J. Cole posts here on 2dopeboyz and links to “new tracks” by Kanye & Drake and whatnot at blogs like Pigeons and Planse and i’ve got sent directly to random videos of these goons.

    I’m just saying it like it is.

  • nickd

    @Chi2LA23 its been a year and a half since live for,die for and its not hard to make that type of music. one good hook, a good beat, and some decent verses and you’re set. overdoz is up next and i love their music, but i was saying that like 2 years ago….plus, what is creme used for?

  • Napalm Audio

    okay i might be late on these cats but their dope!

    • shake

      Yep! Meka put me on earlier and I’ve definitely enjoyed everything I’ve heard.