The Man With the Iron Fists (Trailer) [Directed by RZA]

Here's a sneak peek of the upcoming martial arts flick, The Man With The Iron Fists, director by RZA, starring Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu.

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  • realrap

    this looks crazy. anything with rza attached to it always comes out nice


    Looks cool as far as a martial arts flick, but the rap element is corny. Hopefully this is more Kill Bill than Rush Hour.

  • hmmmmm

    Raekwon should of been on the track playing in the background on some classic Wu type shit


    did this nigga really just compare a Tartintino flick to fucking Rush Hour ? This trailer had more action sequences than that entire series..

  • Mr. Black

    ^Yea, I mean there's absolutely nothing "Rush Hour" about this trailer, but can anybody tell exactly what Tarantino is gonna be doing? RZA is credited as the only director and I was under the impression that he had written it too, and Tarantino's not listed as a producer... idk

  • electrotherapy

    ^ RZA produced some soundtracks for Kill Bill, in which Lucy Liu starred, Quentin Tarantino directed Kill Bill. You see the pattern rite? They all connected. QT steppin in as a "presenter" here is no shocker therefore. QT mighta also thrown in some ideas and shit for this flick and helped out with some stuff.


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