Ashanti – No One Greater f. Meek Mill & French Montana

blame it on Shake June 30, 2012

Ashanti makes her return to music with help from a few familiar voices. BraveHeart, her new album, hits shelves August 28th.

DOWNLOAD:  Ashanti – No One Greater f. Meek Mill & French Montana (prod. Irv Gotti)

  • kyu

    I remember having that pic on my wall like 10 years ago. Shit now she isn’t even the hottest artist on her own shit, and that’s saying a lot because those disposable niggas up there are garbage.

  • ColeSummer

    I will never understand how French has the kind of buzz that he does. Such an average rapper.

  • ITS MURDAAAAA. hahahaha

  • Ashton

    I lovvvvvvvvvvvvved it! Ayye! Go Ashanti!

  • Realist

    … More Meek Mill and Frech. surprised it didnt have 2 Chainz. My God, are these three the ONLY available rappers in the mainstream??? Come on

  • fat fuck fred

    ashanti cant afford to get these rappers on a track you know she sucked and fucked for this.what that mouf do girl?

  • nyc

    @colesummer i cant understand how niggas like you dont understand that we are in a era where skills dont equal buzz, apeal does…whats to understand?

  • ShakeyShake

    Shake: You have to see this fuckin video, I’m not even playin with you. I’m dead serious. I’m still weak as fuck after seein it.

    Oh yeah and Spawn face tats >

    www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=Nq_CWOnSYkk

  • mikeyfresh

    meek killed this as usual.

  • ColeSummer

    @nyc but i dont even see his appeal. 2 chainz is at least entertaining and has charisma and meek puts his emotion into. french just kinda fills up space on tracks. i know skills dont equal buzz cuz thats obviously not true in todays industry but i dont even see his appeal

  • ron

    This beat sound like it was in the preset stash of fruity loops circa 03′

  • nyc

    @colesummer, well the mainstream definately sees his apeal lol…he raps about what average people wanna hear all day money, clubbin, bitches,material shit, coke..thats why he apeals to most casual rap listeners…plus hes being pushed by the mainstream machine….you should know average people dont know how to judge rap so the media tells them what they should be listening too..that simple

  • nyc

    @colesummer put a couple million behind a rapper that raps about that stuff and you got yourself a mainstream star lol

  • ColeSummer

    @nyc true that, hopefully he fades tho, its a bad sign that he had to get 3 of raps biggest stars on his “first” single. That song doesn’t even feel like his so i just dont see many people going out to buy a solo french album. Thats all im saying, but yeah being pushed by diddy mmg with as much buzz as theyve got makes it hard not to get noticed. just dont see the long term success

  • nyc

    @colesummer….I agree, rappers like that never last lol they just have that moment where there hot an that moments now, he’ll definately fade soon

  • pwl

    It would’ve been perfect with only her on the track.

  • jamie

    for real she didn’t even need these 2 on the track
    should of got drake or something then she would of charted in europe aswell