Big Sean & Meek Mill On Chris Brown’s Drake Diss (Video)

blame it on Shake June 30, 2012

While out in LA for the BET Awards, Miss Info caught up with both Big Sean and Meek Mill to get their reactions to Chris Brown’s recent Drake diss over Chief Keef’s I Don’t Like.

  • Waka Flocka Kweli

    Meek seem like he don’t like doing interviews lol and that he’d snap any minute. Big Sean on the other hand, I understand why niggas say the guy is corny as fuck cause he is lol I don’t hate his music but fuck he irks me.

  • Just Sayin

    why would she asked the opinion of such a bitchmade pussy boy like Big Sean dude is corny as fuck

  • Troyork

    But how are you gonna ask two people about a record that they haven’t heard before and they have nothing to do with?

  • veesky

    Meeks summed it up pretty well…the main problem in the game is, people don’t just take the time to talk, which is largely due to the fact that they’re men, let’s face it…for us, it’s viewed as weak to talk about “how we feel” in general, let alone to another dude. But so many of these “beefs” are really just misunderstandings that get blown out of proportion because people don’t communicate.

  • fat fuck fred

    i wanna be miss info baby daddy

  • Wonton Soup

    @fat fuck fred – get in line

  • OchoCinco0328

    I think they both keeping it real. Niggas don’t wanna see real problems in the game, that would fuck up a lot of peoples money. But on the other hand it is entertainment.

  • YMCMBgay

    if Chris Brown and Drake got in a fight, my money is on Chris Brown…shit, if Drake and Willow Smith got in a fight, my money is on Willow. Drake is a pussy

  • #justsayin

    ^ lmao … But yea i get meek he think its dumb but he forgetin dese niggas aint the type to shoot niggas good point but he was thinkin extreme

  • Meek has the right outlook,shit ain’t nothing to be hype about,all for media coverage,when you in jail you will have time to think about how fucking stupid you was from the beginning…Chris need guidance,stupidity knows no bounds